Achieve an outdoor design worthy of Three Birds Renovations

  • 8 minutes
  • 24 August 2021

Three Birds Renovations House 14 or the ‘Three Birds Dream Home’ certainly lives up to the name. As you can expect, Three Birds Renovations have meticulously thought of every detail, from the floorplan, the décor to the outdoor design and landscaping.House 14 is the Best of the Birds, and you can achieve this dream home too – including the five outdoor living zones!

Plan your dream home inside and out 

When renovating or building a new home, it’s tempting to focus solely on the interiors to achieve the perfect design and finishes. However, it’s crucial to plan your outdoor design and landscaping from the beginning to ensure your home’s style flows inside and out, just like Three Birds Renovations. 

In Lana’s words, the interior of House 14 is all about creating spaces that make you feel good but are also functional. For example, the open plan living downstairs fosters family gatherings and is great for entertaining. Then upstairs is all about having a place to escape, relax and get away from it all.  

With Three Birds Renovations trademark coastal style and Rawson Homes building expertise, House 14 beautifully ties inside and out. From bathroom tapware, lighting, gyprock, the colour of the roof, and even the pool feature wall, to name just a few. So, when planning your home renovation or new build, take inspiration from House 14 and include your home’s exterior and landscaping in your vision and your budget. Along with inspiration to create outdoor living zones to both entertain and escape. 

Three Birds Renovations Outdoor Design House 14 Exterior Blog

Plan your dream outdoor design  

Firstly, if you’re on an existing block, look for areas and features you can keep to save costs. For instance, House 14 kept the existing pool, only making a few adjustments to the existing pergola to modernise it.

Secondly, plan out the different areas or living zones you would like to include in your outdoor design. For example, as per House 14’s design, would you like an outdoor dining area? An outdoor loungeroom or a firepit? Or, as per House 13, would you prefer an outdoor shower or pizza oven?

Thirdly, have you considered utilising your front yard as a living zone? Remember, your front wall can define your yard and create privacy but also add street appeal. Plus, a great front fence could even help increase the value of your property.

Finally, consider the tools, supplies, and equipment needed to create your outdoor living zones if you’re considering a DIY project. Similarly, don’t forget the furnishings and décor to complement the interior of your home.

Take inspiration from Three Birds Renovations House 14 outdoor design

Three Birds Renovations Outdoor Design House 14 Front Wall Tiling Stone Blog

Start with your front wall and a firepit   

As Three Birds Renovations will tell you, street appeal is so important. Your front yard and façade will instantly set the tone for your home. So, remember to plan everything from your driveway to your front fence to the tiles on your front porch! Three Birds Renovations have not spared any details creating a home that stands out on the street for all the right reasons.   

The front wall highlights even if you are limited in fence height by council restrictions, you can still make an impact. The ModularWalls EstateWall with wide posts emulates the look of a masonry wall but is much quicker to install. Plus, the installation will also be a fraction of the cost of a masonry wall. Additionally, you can customise all ModularWalls; in this instance, Three Birds Renovations chose a stone cladding by Veneer Stone. The driveway gate also adds a touch of luxury to the front yard and, when closed, helps create a safe place for kids to play.   

All too often, a front yard is underutilised, so why not make it stand out. Straightaway, your eye focuses on the fabulous firepit and bench seat in the front yard. As Bonnie would say, ‘it’s all about textures and colours,’ so have a bit of fun with your front yard.  

When planning your front yard outdoor design, consider:  

  • Do you need to resurface your existing driveway to complement your design?  
  • Will you have time to maintain the garden and lawn? If not, choose plants that don’t need much attention and perhaps consider artificial grass.  
  • Do you need to create shade with trees, or will an umbrella be sufficient?  
  • Does your existing fence need replacing to complement your home?  
  • How many people will you need to seat?  
  • What textures will work for your space – gravel, tile wood or stone?  
  • Do you need space for the kids to play?  
  • Lastly, do you need a large firepit, or would you prefer something small you can move around?  
Three Birds Renovations House 14 Fire Pit Area Blog

Add alfresco dining

Suppose you have an existing balcony at the back of your property or are planning a back deck. In that case, alfresco dining that is freely accessible to the kitchen is a fantastic addition to any home. House 14 has made great use of the space off the kitchen. The large sliding glass door allows easy access to the kitchen and opens the area right up to the rest of the home. At the same time, the custom bench seat creates privacy from the next-door neighbours, adds additional seating and creates a cosy nook. We can imagine this becoming a family favourite for breakfast, lunch and dinner!   

Another great use of space is the bar seating and gas-strut window. The bar will be perfect for sundowners, plus the window creates a connection to the indoors.  

When planning your outdoor dining area, consider:  

  • How many people will you need to seat?  
  • Would you like a permanent seating area or something that you can pack away?  
  • Is the area protected from the elements?  
  • Is there enough shade?  
  • Will you need fans or heaters?  
  • Is there clear access to the kitchen or BBQ?  
  • Will you benefit from a bi-fold kitchen window or servery window?  
  • Will you benefit from a cavity sliding door to create a seamless connection inside and out?  
 Three Birds Renovations House 14 Alfresco

Everyone needs a BBQ patio in their outdoor design

What a fantastic space Three Birds Renovations have created in the BBQ patio. We love how the BBQ bench is an extension from inside, connecting the two areas perfectly. As a result, the entire patio is warm and inviting, and functional. You can easily picture family and friends gathering around the BBQ while cooking dinner. Simultaneously, the bench and chair make this a perfect place to escape for a bit of downtime. 

When planning your outdoor patio, consider:  

  • Can the space have multiple uses? 
  • How can you make the area an extension of the inside? 
  • Will you need protection from the elements? 
  • Do you need to create privacy from the neighbours
Three Birds Renovations House 14 BBQ Area Stone Blog

Next, add an outdoor lounge room  

Whether you have a pool or not, an outdoor lounge area is the perfect place to entertain. As mentioned previously, it’s all about textures and colours while being functional. And House 14’s outdoor lounge ticks all the boxes. The custom wall creates privacy; plus, the wall doubles as a garden screen to hide the shed! In addition, the white gravel defines the area, while the lounge and pot plants complement the entire home and backyard. So if you have a backyard spot you don’t use, it could be your new outdoor lounge! 

When planning your outdoor lounge, consider: 

  • Is the space purely for entertaining? 
  • How much shade will you need? 
  • How will you define the outdoor design? 
  • What décor will suit your yard and your home? 
Three Birds Renovations Outdoor Design House 14 Entertaining Area

Don’t forget a pool feature wall in your outdoor design

Three Birds Renovations have certainly added wow factor to the pool area in House 14. The two-metre high SlimWall uses tiles to transform the wall into the perfect pool backdrop. The result is a stunning pool feature wall that complements the outdoor lounge area and the entire home. At the same time, the pool feature wall ensures compliance with council regulations. Plus, it provides privacy from adjoining neighbours creating a backyard oasis. We also love the addition of towel hooks. So the kids can play in the pool to their heart’s content without the towels getting wet! Lastly, whether you include a custom daybed like Three Birds Renovations or choose a few sun lounges. You can create a resort feel at home with luxurious cushions and towels, and don’t forget the umbrella!  

When planning your pool feature wall, consider: 

  • Will the pool area comply with council regulations? 
  • Do you need to create privacy from the neighbours? 
  • How will you connect the space to the rest of your home? 
  • Are there any existing features that you can update to save costs? 
SlimWall Pool Wall Blog outdoor wall ideas Three Birds Renovations Tiles House 14

As can be seen, the Three Birds Renovations vision and Rawson Homes’ building expertise combine perfectly to pack a lot into this standard size block. As a result, House 14 really is the Best of the Birds. The home demonstrates how thoughtful planning throughout your home and yard will provide a stunning and cohesive design that is warm and inviting. We hope this inspires you to begin an outdoor design worthy of Three Birds Renovations.