Design Trend – Picture Frame Fences

  • 2 minutes
  • 2 July 2020

A boundary fence should frame the masterpiece that is your outdoor area; read on to find out how to customise your modular wall to create a modern picture frame fence!

Picture Frame Fence - Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

Case Study: VogueWall boundary transforms front yard into stunning courtyard

What is a picture frame fence?

Picture frame fencing refers to the capping of the panels within a fence design. By using the right combination of capping options, you can create a clean, modern ‘picture frame’ aesthetic with the fence panels!

This option is great for creating focal points, feature walls or when you are tiling or cladding your fence panels, so that the extra thickness of the tile/cladding materials is still covered.

Tiled EstateWall | Three Birds House 10

How to create a picture frame fence with ModularWalls

Within our product range, VogueWall and EstateWall offer the required post aesthetic and capping options to create a picture frame design.

The unique combination of External wall capping with Flush post tops creates a perfect frame around the panels.

EstateWall corner block

How can I get the most out of this fence design?

Essentially, you’re creating a border for potential focal points to add interest and depth to your outdoor space. Some ideas include: