Inspiration: landscaping retaining walls

  • 4 minutes
  • 13 December 2023

The writing is on the wall – the easiest way to level up your outdoor space is by landscaping retaining walls! Retaining walls aren’t solely functional; a beautifully landscaped retaining wall can create a stunning design feature. Not only do retaining walls prevent soil erosion and maximise the usable area of your outdoor space, but they also provide an opportunity to showcase your unique style. And what better way to showcase your personality than with creative landscaping? 

Landscaping retaining walls is a surefire way to achieve a dynamic outdoor space

Poolside paradise – landscaping retaining wall feature

Elevate the aesthetics of your pool area by incorporating a subtle retaining wall feature. Not only does this add design flair to your poolside oasis, but it also serves as a functional element to control soil erosion. Here, Kate Sparks chose a crisp white paint to complement her surrounding TrendWall® boundary wall, contrasting beautifully with the crisp cedar detailing. When paired with a riot of succulents and cacti, the result is a timeless, coastal paradise! 

A small poolside retaining wall feature

Integrated solutions for a harmonious result

Creating a minimalist finish is all about choosing a cohesive solution – that’s where TerraFirm® comes in. For those seeking a seamless blend of retaining walls and fencing, TerraFirm® gives a premium, uniform look. By pairing the structural stability of a retaining wall with an integrated boundary wall or fence, TerraFirm® pairs functionality and flair.  Get creative with tiers and select plants with different profiles to achieve a dynamic, contemporary look.  

TerraFirm provides an integrated retaining wall solution

Create depth with cascading plants

Landscaping retaining walls is a foolproof way to create depth in your outdoor spaces. Consider pairing cascading plants like Silver Falls with classic snake plants to add a visually intriguing element to your outdoor space. Cascading plants bring a sense of vibrancy, while the upright leaves of the snake plant bring height for a multilayered approach. 

Accordingly, the juxtaposition of the vivid landscaping paired with the sleek black retaining walls gives a sense of sleek sophistication.  

Cascading plants for retaining walls are a great option

Make a statement with symmetrical palms when landscaping retaining walls

Creating an external garden bed is an innovative way to ensure an eye-catching façade. Additionally, nothing exudes exotic flair quite like these lush palms. Incorporating palms along an external retaining wall garden bed adds a touch of symmetry and creates a statement that demands attention. Just imagine a line of perfectly aligned palms standing tall against the retaining wall – it’s a surefire way to imbue your façade with tropical tranquillity 

Make a statement with symmetrical palms

Sculptural succulents, complementary design

Succulents are arguably the unsung heroes of the plant world. Firstly, succulents boast resilience, effortless charm and unparalleled design versatility. Secondly, sculptural succulents planted along the tiers of retaining walls create depth and texture, turning a simple structure into something special.  

Finally, choosing agaves and aloes ensures a hassle-free, low-maintenance landscaping retaining wall feature. But why stop there? Take it to the next level by incorporating your letterbox into your retaining wall. Bonus points if you choose tones that complement your home’s façade! 

Make a statement with sculptural succulents

Landscaping retaining walls with a riot of abundance

This DIY retaining wall illustrates how various plants clustered together can be truly striking. This manicured landscaping showcases an assortment of plants in autumnal tones to give a timeless result. 

Plus, by choosing TerraFirm®, the homeowner could match the colour scheme to their home for a complementary result.  

‘It is not only an extremely sturdy and durable retaining wall that is easy to clean and maintain but also an amazing visual addition to our front yard landscaping,’ the homeowner shares.  

Create an abundance of colour by landscaping retaining walls

Transforming your outdoor space: landscaping retaining walls

Combining innovative retaining wall solutions with creative landscaping ideas makes it possible to achieve the perfect blend of form and function. From poolside paradises to the harmony of the integrated TerraFirm® solution, these landscaping ideas for retaining walls allow you to level up your outdoor space. In conclusion, retaining walls are more than just barriers – they are the ideal canvas to showcase your style and personality.