Kate Sparks’ small retaining wall idea

  • 2 minutes
  • 28 April 2022

Kate Sparks’ pool reveal highlights what you can achieve with a bit of creativity and determination. Wanting to make the most of their DIY project’s remaining retaining panels, Kate and her husband had the clever idea to create a small retaining wall. Not only did the wall save costs, but it also gave the pool area a cohesive modern design. See how the retaining wall and garden help bring the pool area to life.

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Small retaining wall: big impact

As Kate Sparks states in her DIY pool area reveal when taking on this renovation, their primary goals were:

  • To ensure a cohesive design with the existing outdoor areas.
  • Ensure the project was affordable while achieving a timeless look for the pool area.

As any DIY enthusiasts will appreciate, costs and timelines can quickly escalate. So, it’s vital to look for clever ways to stretch your budget and supplies wherever possible. Not to mention the importance of taking on most of the workload to keep your overall project timeline on track.

So, with this in mind and armed with their DIY mindset, desire to save costs, and existing knowledge, Kate and her husband set to work. The result is a retaining wall made from the ModularWalls left over from the pool and boundary wall installation. The retaining wall also uses the same white paint as the pool and boundary wall tying the areas together perfectly. Kate’s green thumb also ensures the plants will thrive while creating a beautiful focal point for the entire pool area.

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Planning is the key to success

Maximising opportunities to save project costs is an important goal for any renovator. However, it’s also vital not to cut corners that may cost you more in the long run. Kate and her husband can attest to the importance of planning your project — even a small retaining wall. To help set you on the right path, we have two handy articles worth reading prior to commencing your DIY retaining project:

TrendWall Retaining Kate Sparks Retaining Wall

Kate’s small retaining wall is a fantastic example of what is achievable with leftover project materials. Overall, Kate and her husband have saved precious project budget, not to mention the satisfaction achieved from using materials that others may have thrown away. The results undoubtedly provide well-deserved bragging rights.