ModularWalls Reviews: Tell Us What You Really Think!

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  • 27 February 2024

Since 2002, we’ve transformed outdoor spaces all over Australia, resulting in over 30,000 happy customers. But don’t just take our word for it; take theirs! Explore the ModularWalls reviews below to discover why our customers chose ModularWalls and why they’re so pleased they did.  

From aesthetic upgrades to noise reduction, we’ve successfully delivered custom solutions across the country to meet a range of unique project requirements.  


ModularWallsVogueWall® certainly helped us achieve a beautiful finish. It is a great-looking fence that would add value to any home and is so versatile. It could be used in many different styles of homes. You can also add features to the fence, which can then match themes for whichever façade you choose.”

Oak and Orange chose VogueWall for a stunning transformation

Success Story: Oak and Orange Achieve Laid-Back Luxury with VogueWall® 


“The most important thing for us was privacy, and that’s where ModularWalls came in. Having ModularWalls as a solid wall makes us feel comfortable when we’re entertaining that we’re not annoying the neighbours.”

Success Story: Jimmy & Tam’s Palm Springs Paradise


What I’m loving is that the fence has acoustic properties, and it really reduces the noise level. The main road is just there, and the ModularWall really reduces traffic noise. It means when I’m entertaining, I’m not going to annoy my neighbours because the noise reduction benefits work both ways. Great fences mean great neighbours!”

Shaynna reviews Modular Walls

Success Story: Shaynna Blaze Country Home VogueWall®


“You can’t hear the neighbours, so that’s got to be good!”

Andrew Winter blocks sound with Slim Wall Ali

Success Story: Acoustic Fence is the Clear Choice for Andrew Winter

Customisation and versatility

“The main reason I love it is because it’s all customisable. For instance, here we’ve installed a veneer sandstone cladding. We’ve built many things off ModularWalls (a pizza oven, a shower). There’s lots of different things you can do off a ModularWall!”

Three Birds enjoy customisation of ModularWalls

Masonry alternative

“When we were first planning our boundary walls, we wouldn’t consider ANYTHING less than a rendered brick wall until we heard about the ModularWalls! The finished product is clean, neat and looks great. It took no time at all to install, and we are very happy with the solid finish!
Everyone who sees it has something good to say about it, which confirms to us that we made the right choice. Thank you for providing a practical solution for our walls and for your friendly and professional service.”

  • Ragan & Tanya Stonier


“It was delivered to our door; we unpacked it, primed and painted it, and installed it over a week! Once all the posts are in position, the panels just slide right in. It’s a simple yet highly effective system for anyone with a bit of practical ability to use! It’s designed to be easily installed, it’s low maintenance, and it has certain acoustic properties.”

Peter DIY customer reviews Modular Walls

Success Story: Creative DIY Backyard Renovation


“Installing was quite easy. As long as you know how to use a string line and a level, it all comes together quite easily.”

DIY EstateWall with Cladding & DecoWood

Success Story: Beachy Landscaping: A Stylish Sanctuary with EstateWall®


“It is not only an extremely sturdy and durable retaining wall that is easy to clean and maintain but also an amazing visual addition to our front yard landscaping. We would choose ModularWalls again for any future retaining projects.”

  • Alicia, DIY TerraFirm® customer
Retaining ModularWalls review

Success Story: DIY Retaining Wall adds Curb Appeal


“I absolutely love this product; for me personally, it’s the retaining side of things, we can retain up to 750mm.” – Matt

VogueWall Blog Elise & Matt DIY fence installation | Pool Safety

Elise & Matt (The Block 2019) Review their DIY Pool Wall

Professional Installation

“From the first meeting and quote to the final completion, I have had no issues. Even our neighbours commented on how polite, considerate and professional your people were — which, given your team were around our families, was really pleasing.
The project was done on time and to budget, and everyone who sees the fence comments on the enormous difference it has made. This was one project that was done so professionally — which, as we all know, is pretty rare these days.”

  • Rob Whiteley

ModularWalls reviews on the ModularWalls team

“The ModularWalls team were wonderful — every concern I had, I just rang them, and they’d have a ready answer; they were always available.
Thank you for being the one easy element to bringing our home back from the disaster, which had really belted my enthusiasm for DIY…it has been so good for something to work so easily in the aftermath. I’ve nearly got my DIY mojo back!”

  • Julia Bates, rebuilding her home after Cyclone Debbie
Cyclone Rated Wall Wins #DIYMODWALL Competition - VogueWall - ModularWalls reviews

Experience the ModularWalls difference

Transforming your outdoor spaces with ModularWalls is easier than you might think. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, enjoy a wide range of benefits by choosing ModularWalls to create your ideal outdoor area.