Elise and Matt — The Block 2019 review their DIY pool wall!

  • 3 minutes
  • 24 September 2020

Watch the backyard renovation journey of Elise and Matt from The Block 2019, as they install and review their DIY VogueWall pool wall!

Backyard renovations are full of surprises; some wonderful, some challenging.

A brick retaining wall crumbling? Challenging.

Adding a brand-new retaining wall to the expenses list? Challenging.

Having to excavate heavy brick pillars and rubble out of their pool? Very, very challenging.

Finding out there was a product on the market that emulated brick for a fraction of the price? That could also seamlessly integrate retaining into their pool wall design?! Absolutely wonderful!

VogueWall to the rescue

The night their brick retaining wall failed and crumbled into their pool,  Elise and Matt were understandably shattered. Installing a new, separate retaining wall as well as a new pool boundary wall would be a substantial expense they hadn’t factored into their budget.

However, luck struck. The installer of their pool’s glass fencing, JC Contemporary Fencing, knew of a product that delivered the same high-end aesthetic of rendered masonry, that could also ‘invisibly’ retain up to 750mm of soil.

And the best part? It would work out to be a fraction of the price, saving them the stress of having to dip into the rest of their landscaping budget.


Are modular walls easy to DIY install?

Since modular walls follow a very simple post and panel system, you can install them very easily. In fact, our founder Nick Holden invented modular walls specifically with DIYers in mind!

The entire install process can be broken down into 4 simple steps:

  • Dig post holes
  • Concrete posts into ground
  • Slide in panels
  • Finish as desired!

But don’t just take our word for it…take theirs!

Watch Elise and Matt’s installation journey to see just how easy it was for them to install their VogueWall (featuring some expert advice and guidance from JC Contemporary Fencing!).

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How does integrated retaining work?

As mentioned above, modular walls are made up of two main parts, or ‘modules’ – posts and panels. While this design is incredibly simple, it allows for a surprising amount of customisation, for both aesthetics and performance.

For instance, each post option will create a different aesthetic; some (such as VogueWall and EstateWall) emulate the robust brick pillars, achieving a premium masonry aesthetic. Alternatively, post options like SlimWall and TrendWall offer sleek, subtle fence posts.

Furthermore, you can also choose different panels to achieve different performance capabilities. Our core wall and fence panels are acoustically rated, making them the perfect choice for fencing, pool walls, boundary walls, privacy screens or noise barriers.

Our specialised TerraFirm retaining panel, on the other hand, has been engineered with internal reinforcements; this allows it the unique capability of retaining soil. These two panels have the exact same outer surfaces, though, which means they are aesthetically identical to each other.

Therefore, by integrating TerraFirm retaining panels along the bottom section of your modular wall, you have an ‘invisible’, seamlessly integrated retaining solution within your wall design!