Inspiring pool area ideas for spring

  • 7 minutes
  • 2 September 2021

Take inspiration from these inspiring pool area ideas for Spring and get ready for Summer at your place. Whether you are short on space, looking for a low maintenance solution, or wanting to create a resort feel at home. Check out these inspiring designs, all with ModularWalls as the perfect pool backdrop.

Create an outdoor living area by your pool  

As many people are spending more time at home, it’s no surprise many of us are creating outdoor living and dining areas to maximise time outside. Having an outdoor dining table or outdoor kitchen allows families to stay connected. For instance, wouldn’t you prefer cooking outside, watching the kids play in the pool, then inside away from all the action? In any case, cooking and dining outdoors is also a great way to stretch out those summer nights as long as possible.   

Take inspiration from this outdoor entertaining area. Are you looking to build an outdoor space with a built-in BBQ, sink and mini-fridge? Or are you looking for something flexible and more portable? 

This entertainers dream has it all: 

  • Outdoor kitchen 
  • Fan and heaters 
  • Lighting for alfresco dinners  
  • Built-in seating and dining table 
  • Firepit  
  • Grass area for the kids to play 
  • SlimWall boundary wall in grey  
SlimWall ALI NSW @scottywilliamsphoto

 SlimWall boundary fence

Pool area ideas aren’t complete without a ModularWalls feature wall 

There is no doubt that Three Birds Renovations are masters of creating an outdoor feature wall, as shown in House 14. The customised SlimWall with tiles ties in beautifully to the Three Birds Renovations signature coastal styling. While at the same time bringing modern sophistication to the entire pool area.   

As a matter of fact, ModularWalls can create a striking backdrop to your pool area whether you use paint, tiles or stone cladding. Plus, a ModularWalls pool wall can help ensure your pool complies with council regulations. If you build a feature wall as one of your pool area ideas, remember to keep your furniture and landscaping simple and in line with the overall aesthetic. You want to ensure your feature wall and pool remain the focal points. 

Take inspiration from these pool feature walls: 


VogueWall boundary wall

Create a child’s wonderland in your backyard 

If you have younger children, have you considered a few fun things as part of your pool area ideas? There is no doubt most children love playing in the pool even when parents think it’s probably too cold to do so! This duplex home has created a kid’s paradise with a backyard pool, complete with a water slide. Undoubtedly, the kids and their friends will have hours of fun in the pool – just add a few super soakers and floaties, and you’re all set. However, if the pool is out, there is always the built-in trampoline to jump the day away. The artificial grass also ensures the backyard is always accessible to the whole family, including pets! Even better, artificial grass means no mud, dirt or grass getting tracked into the house. 

This child’s playground has it all: 

  • Artificial grass 
  • Basketball hoop (out of image) 
  • Pool with slide 
  • Storage for pool toys 
  • Sun deck for keeping an eye on the kids 
  • Trampoline 
  • TrendWall 
TrendWall Woolooware NSW

TrendWall boundary fence

Low maintenance pool area ideas are perfect for those short on time 

If you’re short on time or don’t have a green thumb, then low maintenance pool area ideas are the way to go. Whether you prefer a wooden deck, tiles, or artificial grass or all of the above. There are many ways to ensure your pool area remains in top condition and doesn’t take up all of your time.   

The modern backyard makeover at Andrew Winter‘s home offers a low maintenance solution that connects the pool to the outdoor entertaining area. Firstly, the pool tiles complement the house and SlimWall ModularWalls. Secondly, the grey deck ties the whole space together, and the grass and plants give a pop of colour. Lastly, the glass pool fence connects the outdoor entertaining area to the pool. While the ModularWalls help create privacy from surrounding neighbours and reduce noise reaching the neighbours, so everyone is happy.  

Take inspiration from these low maintenance pool areas:  

  • Artificial grass 
  • Glass pool fence 
  • Lighting  
  • Low maintenance plants 
  • Modern seating/ sun lounges 
  • Pool deck/ tiles 
  • SlimWall 
SlimWall Melton West VIC - Expressed Joint

SlimWall boundary fence

Short on Space? No problem 

If you are in a duplex or have a small backyard, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a stunning outdoor area. The following example highlights how even if you’re short on space, you can think big when it comes to your pool area ideas.   

When the owners of this Art Deco home added a modern extension to the rear of the house, the pool area needed to complement the extension. The use of dark exterior colours and a dark SlimWall boundary fence, combined with light pool tiles, create a pool feature. Additionally, the hedge and high SlimWall fence ensures privacy from surrounding neighbours. Meanwhile, the glass pool fence allows a clear view of the pool and connects the entertaining area.  Lastly, the outdoor shower and sun lounges mean this family has everything they need to enjoy their summer outside.   

Take inspiration from this small backyard pool area:  

  • Glass pool fence 
  • Light pool tiles and pool interior 
  • Low maintenance plants 
  • Outdoor shower 
  • Pot plants 
  • Separate seating area  
  • Sun lounges 
  • SlimWall  
SlimWall Ascot Vale VIC

SlimWall boundary fence and pool wall

Create a resort at home with these pool area ideas 

Why not go all out when it comes to your pool area ideas and create a resort feel at home. As Three Birds Renovations House 11 showcases, the use of multiple living zones can take your pool area to a whole new level. House 11 has made use of our VogueWall to create privacy which helps generate the resort atmosphere.  The addition of the built-in bench and pergola create the perfect spot to sit back with a cool drink when enjoying the pool. The firepit and lounge area also adds a whole new living zone for those summer nights roasting s’mores. Overall, this is the perfect backyard to entertain and get the kids outside away from screens. 

Take inspiration from House 11’s resort style pool area: 

  • Armchairs 
  • Bench seating 
  • Cushions 
  • Firepit 
  • Glass pool fence 
  • Grass area 
  • Light pool tiles and pool interior 
  • Low maintenance plants 
  • Pergola 
  • Separate seating area 
  • VogueWall
VogueWall Glenhaven NSW ThreeBirds 11

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations House 11 – VogueWall

Modern and minimalist pool areas  

A sloping block or an old, tired backyard can seem too much to transform into the pool area of your dreams. However, that’s exactly what these homeowners did and look at the amazing modern finish they now enjoy.   

The homeowners were contending with a pool on a different level and quite disjointed from the house. So, their solution was to keep the existing pool and use that level to define the new backyard. Basically, they were levelling out five small separate areas to create a cohesive space across the back of the house.  

The result is a modern backyard that offers privacy and a compliant pool wall that withstands high winds. Not to mention the aesthetic matches the house, which is what the homeowners were looking to achieve.   

Take inspiration from this modern and minimalist pool area: 

  • Glass pool fence 
  • Light pool tiles and pool interior 
  • Low maintenance plants 
  • Lounge chair/ sun lounges 
  • Pot plants 
  • VogueWall 
VougeWall Pool with pot plants

VogueWall boundary wall

So, whether you’re looking for a modern design, a feature wall or a small plunge pool for the kids. We hope these pool area ideas have given you the inspiration to begin transforming your backyard so you can sit back and enjoy it this summer.