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Alisa & Lysandra Choose SlimWall® for The Design Duo reno

25 October 2018

1 Min

If you haven’t found them already, The Design Duo is the latest holy grail of renovation series. Hosted by The Block: Sky High 2013 winners, Alisa & Lysandra, it’s jam packed full of priceless tips and jaw-dropping designs.

Their first episode hooked us with handcrafted cornices and jungle oasis plunge pools. Episode Two stunned us with bespoke wine cellars and atmospheric home cinemas. But Episode Three excited us most of all — the twins unveiled their stunning indoor-outdoor living area, including the perfect SlimWall canvas!


SlimWall modular fencing by ModularWalls was the perfect fit, seamlessly carrying the high end aesthetic of the interior design out into the lush courtyard. Once outside, it created a safe oasis and a dramatic canvas for their architectural landscaping.

We can’t wait to see the rest of Alisa & Lysandra’s room reveals — if you want to see what else is in store, subscribe to The Design Duo series and join us in drooling over this next-level Albert Park reno!

Photo Credit: Lisa Cohen

Videography Credit: Fancy Films