Match your fence or wall with our modular gate

  • 2 minutes
  • 2 October 2015

When choosing ModularWalls for your home, you also have the option of a Modular Gate Kit! Our pedestrian gates perfectly match our walls to give you a seamless design. While at the same time providing easy access to your yard and maintaining your privacy and security.

Modular Gate provides a modern fence design

What are the benefits of a modular gate?

By integrating our pedestrian gate with ModularWalls you:

  • Ensure a consistent aesthetic
  • Allow easy access between front and backyards — a definite bonus if you need to move bins or lawnmowers
  • Create privacy and security for your home
  • Ensure kids and pets are safe from the road

Gate design

ModularWalls offer pedestrian gates in various sizes and can also help with custom-size gates. The result is a lightweight yet solid gate that is impact resistant making it a great option compared to alternative solutions. In addition, our modular gates are easy to open and close and less likely to strain the hinges excessively.

SlimWall with modular gate

How to finish your gate

As mentioned above, you can paint your modular gate to match your ModularWalls front wall or boundary fence for a consistent design. Or you may wish to customise your gate to make it a feature! Please read our paint guides for more information.

For DIY instructions on installing a ModularWalls gate, read our blog, ‘DIY Ideas – How to install a gate on your modular fence.‘ Or download our gate installation guide.

Many of our customers combine ModularWalls with other gates such as slats or even driveways gates. Please note that these are not manufactured or supplied by ModularWalls. For information on incorporating a driveway gate with your front wall, we recommend speaking with a fence installer with your specific requirements.