DIY Ideas – How to install a gate on your modular fence

  • 5 minutes
  • 1 October 2020

Take a swing at this month’s featured DIY idea and find out how to install a gate from ModularWalls! Using the very same core panels as your modular fence, you can design a pedestrian gate that protects your privacy, boosts your security and perfectly harmonises with the premium aesthetics of your boundary fence or front wall.

We go into more detail about the size of our gates and whether we manufacture driveway gates at the end of this article; for now, let’s dive into the good stuff!

How to install a gate on your modular fence

Installing a gate to your modular wall or fence can be broken down into 5 simple steps:

  1. Dig your post holes
  2. Concrete your posts in
  3. Attach your hinges
  4. Install your gate
  5. Attach your latches
  6. Finish as desired!
2560x1920_BlogImage - SlimWall Gate

Step 1: Dig your post holes

To work out how wide you need to set your posts for the gate, simply take your gate width and add a minimum of 20mm allowance, for the hinges and latches.

For example, if your gate is 900mm wide, you should generally allow a minimum of 920mm between post positions. If for some reason you’re using different latches or hinges, you’ll need to adjust the allowance to suit.

Typically, we also recommend inserting an SHS into the open rebate of the post, on either side of the gate opening (supplied by ModularWalls). Therefore, ensure you’re measuring the post positions with the SHS inserted.

Furthermore, when digging your post holes, you will generally require a deeper footing for the gate support posts. Our sales team will advise you on the appropriate footing depths needed, in conjunction with your gate size, wind region and soil conditions.


Step 2: Concrete your posts into the ground

When concreting your posts in, set your first post (with inserted SHS) into the post hole foundation. Then, measure or use a scrap timber spacer to ensure correct spacing of the opposite post.

After post installation, but before hanging your gate, apply a polyurethene seal (using FLEXIT or SikaFlexPRO) between the SHS and the modular fence post.


Step 3:  Attach your hinges

We use and recommend hinges called TruCLOSE, by D&D Technologies (product code: TCA1RP). These are available through ModularWalls along with your gate order, or from Bunnings and other reputable hardware stores.

These hinges are very durable, weatherproof, rated for our gate weights and have a self-closing function. We don’t recommend using your own hinges; however, if you do, please ensure you are carefully checking the latch specifications, as well as council regulations for gates.

Every wall style has a slightly different attachment method; for instance, a SlimWall post is much slimmer than an EstateWall post, which affects how you attach the hinges. You can download our full Gates Installation Guide to find the technical drawing of your wall style and the relevant attachment instructions.


Step 4:  Install your gate

First of all, double-check your hinges are securely attached to your post.

Next, place your gate between the posts and use packing shims to position it at the desired height. You should also take care to check the gaps on either side of the gate are correct.

When you are happy your gate is in the correct position, secure your gate to the hinges. We advise installing your gate a couple of millimetres out of square, to allow for slight settling over time.

Once the gate is securely attached to the hinges, carefully remove the packing shims and test the operation of the gate.


Step 5:  Attach your latches

We use and recommend hinges called lokkLATCH, another product by D&D Technologies (product code: LLDABR-L). These are also available through ModularWalls along with your gate order, or from most hardware stores.

Like the hinges, they are durable, weatherproof and rated for our gate weights. These latches also have the advantage of allowing keyed locking and unlocking from both sides of the gate; an often-overlooked function that makes life much easier!

Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, found within the product packaging, or contact ModularWalls directly for specific advice.

Step 6: Finish as desired

You’re almost done; all that’s needed now is the finishing touch!

Our gates can be painted in the same colour of your modular fence, creating a harmonised aesthetic for your boundary or front wall. We recommend using a reputable exterior-grade paint, such as Dulux Weathershield.

SlimWall Gate

Download our Gates Installation Guide today

What sizes do modular gates come in?

Our gates come in a few different sizes, including:

  • 1750mm x 1000mm
  • 1750mm x 1200mm
  • 2050mm x 1000mm
  • 2050mm x 1200mm

Do you also supply driveway gates?

Whilst we do not manufacture driveway gates, we can certainly supply our panels for you to build a custom driveway gate with.

With panel span choices of 2.4m or 3m, many customers have successfully designed various driveway gate designs with our panels, including swing gates, sliding gates and even motorised driveway gates!