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Use our Quick Quote Calculator for instant fencing quote estimates!

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Need an instant fencing quote estimate? We believe that fencing quotes should be as easy as a click of a button…so we built a revolutionary fence calculator that did just that. With a few simple clicks, you’ve got a detailed fence quote estimate within a minute; so without further ado, let us introduce to you our Quick Quote Calculator.

Modular Fencing Quotes - Quick Quote Calculator | ModularWalls

Step 1: Choose your wall type

Whatever your challenge, we can design a custom solution for you.

In this step, you choose between a standard wall or fence, a retaining wall, or a combination of the two.

Fencing Quotes - Quick Quote Calculator | ModularWalls

Step 2: Choose your location

In the second step, you choose the location of your wall.

This is because our Quick Quote Calculator goes beyond a standard fence calculator; it has been designed to factor in standard height regulations, tailored product suggestions and best material choices, depending on your project.

Modular Wall Quotes - Quick Quote Calculator | ModularWalls

Step 3: Enter your measurements

This is the part where you’re able to enter in the measurements of your wall, including length and height. This isn’t your final quote, so you can enter rough measurements just for comparison purposes.

Furthermore, if you have multiple wall sections, just add them all up and use the total height for this estimate; you can break it up into different sections later on, if you need a full quote.

Step 4: Choose a wall or a fence

And the pricing begins! In this step, you will see ballpark pricing and get to choose between a wall or a fence.

  • A wall features robust posts that emulate brick pillars, including our VogueWall and EstateWall products.
  • A fence delivers a sleek aesthetic with smaller and most subtle post profiles, including our SlimWall and TrendWall products.

If you’d like to compare both wall and fencing quotes, simply toggle between both using the top buttons.

Fencing Quotes - Quick Quote Calculator | ModularWalls

Step 5: Compare fencing quotes

Each product card will offer a wealth of information for you to compare every option in detail, including price estimates, performance and measurement specifications, aesthetic details and a simulated image of what your design will look like (before finishing and customisation, of course).

Once you’ve compared all the relevant details, you can select the product that best fits your needs.

Fencing Quotes - Quick Quote Calculator | ModularWalls

Step 6: Choose an installation option

So you’ve decided on what you want; it’s now time to compare options for how to install it! Simply fill in your postcode so we can calculate freight and average local installation costs and you will be able to choose between:

  • DIY Installation: this means you install it yourself and your estimate will include material costs and freight costs to the nearest depot. You can also see the estimate for freight directly to your site address under the ‘Freight’ tab at the bottom.
  • Professional Installation: this means you’d like to be put in touch with a fencer who can install the wall for you; this option will show estimated installation costs based on average labour costs and a simple, straightforward site.


Step 7: Review, save or submit

There you have it; detailed fencing quotes in just a minute or two! So, what can you do with the estimate you’ve just created?

  • If your project isn’t quite ready yet or you’re still shopping around, you can Email my Quick Quote, so you can save your estimate in your inbox for future comparisons.
  • If you’re happy as Larry with the estimate and ready to take this relationship to the next level, you can Submit for a Full Quote. For Professional Install, this means you’ll be put in touch with a local fencer in your area, so they can begin your fencing project. For DIY customers, our consultants will be in touch to work with you on your detailed design, so you can add in all the fun details like multiple sections and design customisations.


Fencing Quotes - Quick Quote Calculator | ModularWalls

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