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Three Birds Renovations #makeitmodular with VogueWall for House 11

9 December 2019

3 Mins

Three Birds Renovations released their grand finale for House 11, showcasing their Hamptons-style backyard renovation; including a new pool area, outdoor fire pit and VogueWall privacy screen! Find out why the Birds chose to #makeitmodular for this striking pool wall and outdoor room combo…

Three Birds Renovations - VogueWall Privacy Screen Chosen for House 11 | ModularWalls

Pool wall

Pool walls include a variety of unique applicational challenges; however, VogueWall was able to tick every box:


  • Aesthetics

First and foremost, creating a luxe pool oasis requires premium products and designer finishes.

VogueWall’s smooth, sophisticated finish emulates the look of rendered masonry and achieves an upmarket, resort-style feel. With its versatile design features, it can be customised to achieve any kind of architectural style. From post top and wall capping options, to its ability to integrate lighting, sound systems, wall art, slats or decorative infills, tiles, cladding or texture finishes; the possibilities are truly endless.

In this particular project, the VogueWall was designed with Flush post tops and Flush wall capping to achieve a clean, simple look. Finished in the same paint as the home’s exterior, the finished product served as an extension to the home, rather than a disconnected hardscape.

Three Birds Renovations - VogueWall Privacy Screen Chosen for House 11 | ModularWalls

  • Privacy

Whether you’re creating a safe play space for the kids, wanting to even out those tan lines or just sparing the neighbours from the sight of you in Speedos, privacy directly affects how you feel about your pool area.

Reaching a height of 3m, this VogueWall provided the ultimate privacy screen for their family. Furthermore, the acoustically rated panels work extra hard to protect their acoustic privacy; but more on that below!


  • Cost

Pools can be quite costly on their own. Factoring in pool maintenance, decking and coping, landscaping and accessories, most homeowners would rather spend as much budget as they can on the ‘fun stuff’. However, a cheaper timber or metal fence drags down the overall aesthetic of your pool area. In fact, they can also present challenges with durability, privacy and security.

With modular walls, Three Birds Renovations achieved the same premium look of rendered brick, for up to half the cost — and installed in a quarter of the time. Which left more budget for feature plants and that custom daybed!

…want to #makeitmodular?


Three Birds Renovations - VogueWall Privacy Screen Chosen for House 11 | ModularWalls

Outdoor fireplace

The second outdoor living zone that Three Birds Renovations created from our VogueWall was a stunning outdoor fireplace.

Featuring a gas fire pit, feature arm chairs and a corner bench seat, the VogueWall backdrop provided the perfect modern backdrop. With the slight return, the design created an intimate space for the family to enjoy long into the summer nights.


Visual screen in front of existing fence

Working on a tight budget, the girls were after a cost-effective solution to hide an old, battered boundary fence that featured a mix of Colorbond and a timber sleeper retaining wall. Rather than replacing this boundary fence, they decided to simply install a VogueWall screen along the length of this boundary, with slight return along the back.

This solution negated the need to negotiate with the next door neighbours. Additionally, it also saved the cost of fence removal and offered a surprise bonus of hidden storage behind the screen!

Three Birds Renovations' Outdoor Rooms Using VogueWall | ModularWalls

Backyard noise reduction

One of the most contentious issues with outdoor living is noise reduction. Whether you’re trying to keep out the traffic noise or control the noise you’re making to spare the neighbours, acoustic fencing has become a critical backyard design feature to reduce noise.

Tested by the National Acoustic Laboratory of Australia, ModularWalls’ walls and fences provide superior noise reduction than other common fencing options. In fact, they offer an average reduction of around 25dB; or, in laymen’s terms, a whopping fourfold reduction in audible noise.

Being avid entertainers, this family can now enjoy their outdoor area guilt-free, knowing they’re effectively reducing noise for their neighbours.


Want to see the full transformation? Watch the full Three Birds Renovations episode today!