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Retaining panels

TerraFirm retaining panels can be used for either a stand-alone retaining wall or a fully integrated modular wall, enabling developers and homeowners to incorporate noise prevention and earth retaining functions into a single, seamless wall structure.

Our heavy duty commercial grade TerraFirm XL panel is capable of retaining up to 3.0 metres, whilst bearing a surcharge live load of up to 10kPa.

Because these same modular wall systems accommodate a wide range of acoustic panels, incorporating TerraFirm retaining panels gives the option to create walls that serve as noise barriers and earth retaining structures.

This saves a significant amount of time, money and space by avoiding the need to build a separate retaining wall which occupies a sizeable amount of land. There is no need to enlist a separate team of contractors for a separate building project, while the creation of a single wall that fulfils two purposes maximises usable land space.

Compared to the heavy concrete sleepers that are traditionally used for the creation of retaining walls, the lightweight reinforced composite panel is easy to install, requires far less machinery or labour and occupies much less space.


  • Integrated retaining wall panels
  • Fibre cement skin to both sides
  • High density EPS core
  • Internal heavy-duty steel reinforcement
  • Retains up to 3.0 metres
  • Up to 10kPa surcharge live loads

  • Specifications
  • Commercial Brochure
  • Road & Rail Brochure
Outer SkinCementitiousCementitious
Panel CoreHD EPS + reinforcement ribsHD EPS + reinforcement ribs
Available lengths 2400mm2400mm
Available heights600mm, 900mm or 1200mm600mm, 900mm or 1200mm
Density37.8 kg/m²46.5 kg/m²
Soil retentionup to 1800mm
(10kPa surcharge live loads)
up to 3000mm
(10kPa surcharge live loads)

View our commercial brochure.


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Projects Using TerraFirm

Highly aesthetic retaining solution for innovative residential development

TerraFirmX retaining panel was selected as the best solution to level lots for current development of greenfield land and end to end house and land packages.

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Large-Scale Development Saves Money by Using Environmentally Friendly Retaining Walls

The design of this development required a number of retaining walls installed throughout the site at various heights up to 1.8m, whilst keeping aesthetics, budget, timeline and environmentally-friendly practices at the forefront.

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Retaining wall for apartment residents

The developer of a multi-storey apartment complex in the Wembley suburb of Perth entered an agreement to build a retaining and acoustic wall that would separate the driveway and car park of the project from the adjacent property.

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