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Acoustic panels

The proprietary AcoustiMax panel is our core modular wall solution, and the ideal choice for architects and developers seeking an effective noise barrier that’s aesthetically versatile as well as economical.

Composed of an EPS core with an external layer of fibre-reinforced cementitious sheets, the AcoustiMax panel is a lightweight, impact resistant modular wall panel that possesses outstanding acoustic properties and a smooth designer finish.

The core material and external skin of the AcoustiMax can be customised to adjust the acoustic properties of the wall panel, and achieve a Weighted Sound Reduction Index of up to 28. This outstanding acoustic performance ensures that building occupants are effectively protected from the ambient noise pollution of hectic urban environments. The AcoustiMax’s cementitious skin confers the panel with an aesthetically pleasing exterior that can be painted, textured or decorated to match specific design goals or architectural styles.

The lightweight, modular design of the AcoustiMax makes it quick and easy to install, dramatically reducing build times as well as the labour and machinery needed for challenging sites.

The face dimensions of the AcoustiMax can be adjusted to match a variety of installation conditions, with a panel span of between 2.4 and 4.2 metres.

The AcoustiMax panel comes in thicknesses of 50mm and 75mm, permitting its usage with a variety of modular wall systems including the SlimWall (50mm), VogueWall (75mm) and EstateWall (75mm).


  • Fibre cement/EPS composite construction
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Panel spans up to 4.2 metres


  • Specifications
  • Commercial Brochure
  • Road & Rail Brochure
Density15.30 kg/m²15.49 kg/m²
Available heights600mm, 900mm or 1200mm600mm, 900mm or 1200mm
Available lengths2400mm2400mm, 3000mm or 4200mm
Outer SkinCementitious skinCementitious skin
Panel CoreEPSEPS
Compatible Wall SystemsSlimWallTrendWall, VogueWall & EstateWall

Download our Commercial Brochure.


Download our Road & Rail Brochure.


Projects Using AcoustiMax

Acoustic solution for Dan Murphy's store

Installation of an acoustic fence was required for development consent to be successfully sought for an existing tavern and construction of a new Dan Murphy’s Liquor store.

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Acoustic solution for aged care facilities

The original council plans called for a timber fence along the main road boundary, which was quickly deemed unsuitable due to the high traffic noise and unappealing veneer.

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Acoustic treatment for playground

The new South Annandale neighbourhood park located at a former carpet warehouse site on the south east corner of Chester and Taylor Streets required an acoustic barrier shielding local residents from the playground noise.

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