Rapid Install of AcoustiMax® Noise Barrier for CEVA

  • 3 minutes
  • 27 November 2020

Offering rapid install and a turnkey solution, ModularWalls’ AcoustiMax noise wall delivered the ideal warehouse perimeter for CEVA Car Carrying.


Engaged by Richard Crookes Constructions, ModularWalls was enlisted to design, supply and construct a noise wall for a brand new and considerable warehouse for CEVA Car Carrying. As part of the development approval, the noise wall was to be constructed along the rear boundary of the Orchard Hills warehouse.

The proposed solution needed to solve three main challenges:

  • Firstly, it was to provide acoustic attenuation for the surrounding neighbours.
  • Secondly, CEVA required a security wall with visual privacy, due to the transport of high-end and rare vehicles.
  • Lastly, the solution had to work within their highly accelerated construction program.
AcoustiMax noise wall for CEVA

AcoustiMax® noise barrier

With careful consideration to each aspect of the design brief, an AcoustiMax noise wall was deemed the ideal solution. Delivering a Weighted Sound Reduction Index of up to Rw28, the proprietary AcoustiMax panel is one of our core modular wall solution, and the ideal choice for architects and developers seeking an effective noise barrier that’s aesthetically versatile, as well as economical.

With its smooth designer finish, it has become the preferred choice for commercial and industrial operations bordering residential zones. In fact, it was suggested as a highly aesthetic option by the client’s landscape architect.

AcoustiMax noise wall

Rapid installation

Due to the modular construction of the wall, the already rapid installation could be further expedited. Installation teams pushed hard to complete the works within the limited time frame. Due to fragmented installation schedule, teams had to move with flexibility and speed to complete each stage within the allocated time window.

The posts were to be mounted to a concrete upstand along the boundary. To achieve this, the ModularWalls team executed a high level of organisation and forward-planning. Working in with concreting crews, they were able to pre-place and secure the rag bolt assemblies to the concreter’s reinforcement works. Consequently, this meant they were able to simply drop the posts into position once the concrete was cured.

AcoustiMax noise wall

Turnkey solution

The client was thrilled with the end result. Reaching between 3 – 3.6m tall, the final solution ran 564m in length, with lockable acoustic gates at either end.

Offering a turnkey solution, from design, to installation, to painting and certification, the AcoustiMax noise wall achieved the perfect combination of performance and ease of construction.

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