Acoustic solution for busy Dan Murphy’s store

  • 1 minute
  • 28 July 2016

An acoustic solution was required to obtain consent for the development of a new Dan Murphy’s Liquor Store attached to an existing tavern. Rohrig Constructions needed a wall that could be mounted on top of an existing retaining wall and complemented the aesthetics of the landscape while providing optimum protection from noise generated by the establishment to the adjoining residential properties.

Dan Murphy's with Commercial Acoustic solution

SlimWall, a structurally certified, acoustically rated fencing solution from ModularWalls, was the perfect fit. SlimWall uses AcoustiMax50 panels, which have a surface density of 14.5kg/m2 and are rated at RW25 and are completely continuous, with no gaps or openings, enabling maximum acoustic integrity for the product’s life. The unique, patented high tensile steel post system enabled our client to install the acoustic fence straight into the retaining wall via core-drilling holes, fixing the posts in place using non-shrink grout. Due to its modular nature, the remaining wall run could be installed in the narrow space between the kerb and site boundary using a concrete pile foundation. Then on completion, the wall was painted to complement the overall building design for a fully integrated aesthetic and acoustic solution.

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