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DIY Ideas – How to DIY a courtyard makeover for Spring

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Small spaces can still have big impacts! Explore how you can DIY a courtyard makeover for Spring with these simple, yet striking DIY ideas…

How To DIY a Courtyard Makeover For Spring & Summer - DIY Ideas | ModularWalls

Pot plants

Nothing says spring quite like fresh blooms. If the cooler seasons were harsh to your plants (or had hardly any to begin with), breathe some new life into your courtyards with extra pot plants and container gardens!

The beauty of using pots and planters is that you can match them to the exact size of the available space, and can always move them around if you like reshuffling the layout. Check out these epic tutorials for DIY planters, pot stand designs and fabric pot covers; if you need some plant inspo, check out our list of striking architectural plants to watch out for!


DIY green walls

This design trend is definitely having a sustained moment in home design; turn one of your courtyard walls into a thriving vertical garden! You can achieve this in a number of ways:


Climbers and trailers

If you can’t fit in an entire green wall, the foliage coverage these plants offer for their pot size is absolutely incredible. Whilst they might take a little while to grow enough to fill out the space, it’s a great (and affordable) investment towards create a lush courtyard!

Some great climbing plants include:

  • Honeysuckle (honestly, what says ‘Spring’ more than the scent of honeysuckle?)
  • Star jasmine (another gorgeous aroma to add to your outdoor space)
  • Philodendron
  • Passion flower (which also produce beautiful passion fruit; perfect for fresh snacks or summer cocktails!)
  • Monstera deliciosa (make sure you have a sturdy framework for this guy; they can grow to quite the beasts!)
  • Stag horn ferns (although, these are more ‘clingers’ than climbers!)

Trending trailers include:

  • Devil’s ivy
  • Dichondra silver falls
  • Chain of hearts
  • Burro’s tail
  • Chain of pearls
  • Spider plants
  • Creeping rosemary (another great edible plant to season BBQs or throw into a gin cocktail!)

How To DIY a Courtyard Makeover For Spring - DIY Ideas | ModularWalls

Throws & cushions

Sometimes, a courtyard makeover is all in the details; simply refreshing your palette or decor theme to something a bit lighter and brighter can make all the summery difference! It’s time to pack away your thick faux fur throws, velvet cushions and for another year and swap them with something light and airy.

Hit up your local fabric store (or if you’re feeling thrifty, the manchester sections of op-shops usually offer very unique fabrics!) and DIY some new cushion covers and stylish throws for your outdoor area. When choosing materials, think breathable fabrics; breezy linens, raw cotton, rough spun silks. Basically, materials that won’t stick to your skin or make you feel sweaty!

When deciding on a new palette, stick to fresh, textured neutrals with splashes of feature colours and patterns.


Milk crate stools

Gumtree usually has a couple of listings offering free pickups of used milk crates. But don’t judge them by their cheap, plastic exterior; there’s plenty of design potential with these bad boys!

  • If you’re a whizz on a sewing machine, turn them upside down and sew some stylish fabric covers for them (just remember to use weatherproof, outdoor fabric!).
  • If you’re more of a workshop DIYer, keep them right side up and cover the exterior with timber slats for a more rustic aesthetic. With this design, you can also create a hinge-top for hidden storage — a secret weapon for designing smaller spaces!


Giant floor pillows

For another sewing project, make some outdoor floor cushions! They’re comfy, they’re casual, they’re stylish and they can be stacked or easily moved for both indoor and outdoor use. This project is as simple as buying some large European pillows, or stacking a couple of seat cushion pads, and sewing a quick envelope cover together with outdoor fabric!

How To DIY a Courtyard Makeover For Spring - DIY Ideas | ModularWalls

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations #makeitmodular for Mediteranean Farmhouse

Resort-style design trends

Celebrate the warm season by creating the ultimate ‘staycation’ in your own home! Style up a little outdoor bar or bar cart, introduce some rattan furniture or string up a hammock for maximum chill factor. Additionally, certain home design styles, like Mediterranean, Byron Bay and Coastal can also help create those relaxed resort vibes for your outdoor area.


DIY outdoor lighting ideas

The days are already starting to get longer; but with the right lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air well into the warm summer nights! Create the perfect ambience with some inspired DIY outdoor lighting ideas; you’ll find yourself using your courtyard far more with the right night atmosphere!


Levelling land

Are you losing usable space because of a slope? Uneven land is one of the biggest wasters of space; and when you haven’t got a lot of space to lose, they can be quite detrimental to functional living spaces! Boost functionality instantly with these genius ideas for levelling ground by hand.

SlimWall Fencing Chosen for Courtyard in Albert Park Reno in The Design Duo | ModularWalls

Case Study: SlimWall fence creates dramatic backdrop for Alisa & Lysandra courtyard

DIY boundary wall

Courtyards rely on a secure, beautiful boundary; it’s very hard to complete a gorgeous courtyard makeover if it’s being framed by old metal fencing, or if you can hear the highway through the 1.8m timber paling fence.

Surround yourself in style and build the perfect boundary solution with an exquisite DIY modular wall! Offering heights of up to 3m and boasting acoustically rated panels, you can achieve the highest level of privacy and noise reduction; in fact, they deliver an average of 20-25dB noise reduction, which is a fourfold reduction in audible noise!

Modular walls also offer a range of aesthetic designs and options, with the ability to integrate retaining, wall lighting, entertainment systems and decorative infills. With the option to finish your wall in paints, texture renders, tiles or cladding, the design possibilities are truly endless; allowing you to create the perfect backdrop for your beautiful courtyard.

Written by Evelyn Kandris

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