Design Trend – Rattan Outdoor Furniture

  • 3 minutes
  • 1 March 2019

This year, rattan outdoor furniture has gone back to its intricate roots. Usually seen as simple woven sheeting, this design trend has taken a step back in time and embraced the more detailed weaving designs that cane furniture can offer.

From coastal chic to Bahamas flair, here’s how to incorporate this stunning, natural material in your outdoor design!

Rattan occasional chairs

Take a seat on a sweet set of occasional chairs! The iconic high back and armrest designs provide plenty of opportunity for designer weaving and are sure to make a statement piece for your outdoor deck. Dress up with cushions and throws to make them extra comfy!

Outdoor lounge set

Fit a little more people on your cane furniture with a complete lounge set! If you’re going for a decorative rattan design, simply check with the manufacturer’s instructions on where it’s best kept; usually, they’re limited to patios, outdoor rooms or verandas (and maybe away from the outdoor fireplace!).

Woven planters

Deck out our plant friends and mix your textures up with this fun planter design trend! Some ideas include:

  • cane pot stands to feature trailing devil’s ivy or burro’s tail
  • woven baskets for succulents, palms, snake plants and ornamental grasses
  • southern style hanging pots for Boston ferns, spider plants and dichondra silver falls

Hanging chairs

Resort style living just got better with this trend, popularised by the iconic Byron Bay style. Combining the structure and support of an armchair with the carefree, organic movement of a hammock, a rattan hanging chair will instantly create the ultimate relaxation station!

ModularWalls TrendWall with hanging tree of life feature helps create an outdoor room ambience along with the rattan outdoor furniture.

Day bed

Just when you thought comfort levels couldn’t get any higher…here comes the day bed. Recline, sprawl, perch or curl up on this magnificent rattan outdoor furniture option on those days where you feel like vegging out, but the weather is just too beautiful to stay in bed!


From simple cane tables to detailed mesh designs, there are a wide variety of table options. Can shelving can also offer a gorgeous natural element in outdoor showers or outdoor kitchens! The beautiful detailing of rattan can sometimes provide an uneven table surface; for maximum functionality, choose a design with a smooth table top, such as glass.

Pendant lighting

Light up your life with the gorgeous glow of rattan pendants! Outdoor lighting has always added a magical element for night entertaining; certain cane designs even throw artistic shadows and offer a unique edge to your space.