Design Inspiration: Byron Bay Luxury Homes

  • 3 minutes
  • 30 November 2018

Good design is all about gathering inspiration from ‘the greats’ and finding your own unique, personal take on that trend. Byron Bay style is renowned for its celebration of outdoor lifestyles, resort-style backyards and on-point home design! So, find some space on your already-packed mood boards for these absolutely gorgeous Byron Bay Luxury Homes. Design inspiration that will leave you wanting more.

Poolside oasis

Whether you’re cooling off in the pool, soaking up the rays or in need for a shaded, breezy hang out, this stunning outdoor pool area has you covered. Furthermore, the weathered wood, soft, white linens and beachy accent pieces create the perfect, relaxed coastal vibe.

Sunken outdoor fire pit

Sunken outdoor rooms have been a favourite trend of ours this year; this sunken outdoor fire pit is perfectly located near both the pool area and an outdoor kitchen. With all three combined, this layout creates the ultimate outdoor lifestyle!

Vertical timber battens

Holy lines, Batman! The combination of structural lines within the pergola, decking and vertical timber batten feature wall delivers a truly striking overall effect. Throw in a spotty umbrella, stripy pool towels and the architectural, variegated leaves of snake plants, and you have one huge pattern party on your hands.

Cantilevered infinity pool

This is a favourite ‘hack’ of ours, in terms of sloping blocks. How better to take full advantage of your and split-level home than to create an overhanging infinity pool off your balcony?!

Byron Bay Design Inspiration Blog Pool

Palm Springs style

This year, the design world fell madly in love with the desert landscaping and stark canvases of Palm Springs. With the sleek pool coping and dark green cacti contrasted against the white backdrop, this pool area has encapsulated this style with elegance and simplicity.

Outdoor showers

Outdoor showers were our featured design trend of November for good reason. Once reserved for beaches and pool areas, outdoor bathing has made a huge impact on indoor-outdoor lifestyles and the resurgence of designing more natural spaces within the home. More specifically, the feature tiling of this outdoor shower offers a stylish focal point to an otherwise simple space.

Indoor-outdoor living

As mentioned above, homes have increasingly adopted layouts that support an organic flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This living blurs all boundaries between the two, creating a completely holistic space that is both sheltered and homey, yet filled with fresh air and natural light.

Handcrafted and artisan details

Last, but certainly not least; as we know, design is in the details. In a direct reaction to mass-produced products, design has made a conscious shift toward unique pieces that honour the unique power of handcrafted and artisan skills. The carved wood of the elaborate wooden doors, along with the mosaic wall detailing, offers a deep, enriching character to the space. The juxtaposition of modern and old-world is truly mesmerising!

Luxury is no longer reserved for holidays; create a resort-style oasis in your very own backyard.

*All images sourced from Byron Bay Luxury Homes