Stay in ‘Holiday Mode’ with Your Own Resort Style Backyard Oasis

  • 3 minutes
  • 12 January 2018

Do you dream of sleek poolsides in polished hotels, or the lush jungles of Colombian rain forests? Would you rather a beach side cabana in the Bahamas, or the crisp, tranquil gardens of Japan in bloom? What if we told you that you could live your ‘best life’ right here in your own backyard? Create your own resort style backyard oasis with these three holiday retreat inspirations.

I’ll be poolside…

From the rooftop pools of Las Vegas, to the serene swimming holes of Croatia and everything in between; sometimes, a well designed pool area is enough to transform your outdoor area into a luxe, resort style backyard.

Clean lines and intriguing pool shapes create a modern aesthetic, whilst different decking layouts and lounging options create the comfort and relaxation you desire. Choose from refined Hampton’s style or relaxed coastal vibes, fun Miami fit outs or unique bohemian décor to reflect your personal style. You could even incorporate swim up bars, spas, saunas and cabanas for added entertainment kicks!

SlimWall Boundary Wall Hero Pool Wall | Resort Style

Urban jungle

A thoughtful collection of plants can support your décor and transport you to another pocket of the world.

Harness the rainforests of Mexico with monstera deliciosa and thick ferns. Or, embrace the native splendour of the Australian bush with ornamental foxtail grass and weeping bottlebrush. Either recreate the tropical foliage of South East Asia with la non and traveller’s palms or take inspiration from the alien, arid landscapes of the Bolivian deserts with succulents and cacti gardens.

Think of your garden as a blank canvas upon which you can paint any landscape. Let your imagination run with different ideas until you find the one that sounds most perfect for you, your lifestyle and your dream backyard oasis.

SlimWall | ModularWalls | Pool Wall | Resort Style Backyard

Breathe deeply and count to Zen

Create your own yoga or wellness retreat with a meditation or zen garden. Fill the space with reflecting pool water features, smooth rock, floor pillows, rugs and mats, plunge pools, incense burners and candle holders, sand boxes, raw fabrics and earthy wooden furniture to construct a corner of calm and serenity within your busy life.

Utilise lily pads and reeds in your water features, bamboo and ferns around your borders, mosses and draping climbers to soften the surfaces and hedges of wheatgrass, dark leafy greens and ginger for cleansing green juices.

Unleash the full potential of your home and create your dream resort style backyard oasis; it’s time to start living your ‘best life’, now.