The 6 Home Design Trends You Need to Know About

  • 4 minutes
  • 22 December 2017

So we’ve been gazing into the crystal ball again; and it’s looking damn fine. Stay ahead of the game with these 6 home design trends.

The grand scheme of things

Expect purples, navy blues and dark greens to coincide with the natural earthy materials, and darker woods supporting these deeper palettes.

Brass is also replacing copper as the metallic of the year, to be followed by a gradual return to silver. Additionally, a deconstructed luxe will be replacing hi-gloss or shiny metallics. Therefore, stick to industrialist elements such as thick exposed brickwork, the use of cement, and raw, natural materials.

 ‘Earthy’ delights

Following from previous trends, natural materials will continue to grow. The great powers that be have predicted that in the new year, we’ll consequently see designs with mixed earthy materials. Raw materials will therefore be favoured for hard structures, such as wooden support beams and columns, stone cladding and textured house facades.

Furthermore, water features will continue to be favoured as a focal piece. However, they will shift into more modern or futuristic designs with clean lines, such as reflecting pools, water walls or water blades. 

Health and wellness

Natural materials are only the beginning for home design trends, as we head back to nature in search of wellbeing and relaxation. Due to our busy lives, our homes will play an increasing role of sanctuary and repair; this will therefore be the focus of our gardens and communal living spaces.

The home design trend of feng shui will see a resurgence in the way we harmonise our indoor and outdoor spaces. Glass accordion doors that open to connect indoor and outdoor areas will see a rise in renovation plans, whilst natural light will be utilised through large windows, skylights, mirrors, high ceilings and interior windows.

Furthermore, outdoor design will focus on wellness and natural healing; Zen or meditation gardens will grace garden themes, the growing mineral water swimming pool trend will offer healing and relaxation benefits, edible gardens will find a residence in more homes and outdoor showers amongst the fronds will allow rejuvenating bathing experiences.

Efficient and eco-friendly home design trends

Eco-conscious choices have nurtured incredible innovation in home designs this year, which will only continue to grow. As a result, energy efficient and intelligent homes will be the number one request that architects and designers hear.

Green home building techniques like solar energy, rainwater systems, tankless water heaters, water conserving fixtures, Energy Star windows and geothermal energy systems will see a rise in demand. As a result, ‘smart homes’ utilising tech to links home’s processes to your smart phones or tablets will reign supreme.

Gardens will focus on natives and sustainable gardening; this will include bedhead gardens, succulents, rainscaping, edible gardens and permaculture. Our consciences also continue to shift toward supporting the future of our surrounding ecosystems. Consequently, landscaping will further support local habitats for wildlife through bird baths or growing common food sources for birds.

Crafty and customised

In the past, minimalist design surged within home renovations; however, the new trend will see a level of customisation to counter the conformity of minimalism.

Self-expression and personal style will be showcased through statement design features. Individualistic facades or hard structures, custom fit pools and custom handles and joinery will become new focal points. Quaint lifestyle items, such as drinks carts and reading corners, will add warmth to minimalist home design. Furthermore, commissioning original artworks will contend manufactured prints.

On this note, craftmanship will become a priority, including handmade objects, leather crafting, original art, mosaic tiling, murals and stone masonry.

SlimWall boundary wall provides privacy for the outdoor kitchen and pool area

Urban jungle home design trends

Home design trends will see outdoor living being pushed further out into the garden, moving away from the traditional patio connected to the home. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas will become a ‘must’ for new homes and backyards. In addition, pools will be moved closer to the home to enhance its visual offerings.

A sense of privacy will feel increasingly important as home lots are moved closer and land sizes grow smaller. Front yards will therefore be increasingly protected by walls, hedging or fences to maximise functionality and encourage use of this outdoor space.

Indoor and outdoor home design will also continue to blend together. Creature comfort furniture and accessories, like sofas and blankets, will adorn outdoor spaces. On the other hand, natural elements and house plants will flow into bedrooms and bathrooms, creating an urban jungle. In other words, home design in 2018 will showcase the perfect mix of comfort, cleanliness and nature.