Design Trend – Concrete Finishes

  • 3 minutes
  • 6 July 2018

The news is in; concrete is here to stay. This year is all about raw textures, earthy materials and natural elements, and concrete finishes are settling in for the long haul. From polished finishes, to DIY concrete renders, here’s how to incorporate this striking design trend within your outdoor space.

VogueWall pool wall

Pool areas

As custom pool shapes continue to thrive, so too does concrete pool decking. The clean surface of concrete finishes draws all attention to the pool, whilst pale concrete pool linings  lift the colour of the pool water to a stunning, tropical aqua. Angular concrete bridges have also been a popular pool area feature to connect pathways, create lounging areas or even as a diving feature.

Water features

When it comes to water features, raw concrete has largely replaced glossy porcelain in 2018. From round dishes to tiered boxes, concrete adds a rustic texture to this focal point, contrasting nicely with the shimmer and ripple of the moving water.

SlimWall with Water Feature

Feature walls

Whilst the texture of concrete brings a welcome textural depth and interest to a space, the rule here is ‘less is more’. Too much of this good thing can be quite overbearing; to find a happy medium, choose one wall to make a feature wall! To create some visual interest, place it near contrast textures, like wood, rendered walls or green plantings.

Our modular wall, can achieve this industrial chic look! Simply use a textured concrete render or concrete tiles on the feature section you want, and paint the rest as normal, for that smooth, rendered contrast.

VogueWall with laser cut infills creates a stunning front wall. VogueWall replicates concrete finishes such as a rendered brick wall.

Planter boxes

One of the easiest ways to add some texture to your garden is with concrete planter boxes or garden beds. The depth of the concrete perfectly offsets the soft, organic textures of the plants, providing a rich aesthetic to your garden.


Outdoor fireplaces have been a hot topic this year; many modern designs on the market boast raw concrete finishes with clean, geometric lines. From grand, high-standing fireplaces with viewing windows and firewood shelves, to industrial firepits, concrete offers a smooth, strong aesthetic that can be custom-shaped for your outdoor space.

Design Trend - SlimWall Fire Pit

Outdoor furniture

Concrete furniture may sound a little hard on the back, but throw some outdoor cushions on those benches are you have one seriously cool, comfy seating area. Additionally, this idea works especially well for sunken outdoor rooms, where tables and seating are dug into the ground. To simply and quickly modernise your existing outdoor furniture, check out this great DIY tutorial by Style Curator of concrete rendering tabletops!

House façades

Rendering your home can be costly, but it can completely transform a dated brick home into a modern work of art. Instead of rending your entire home, consider a feature section that stands out from the rest o your home. This way, you can cut costs of completely rendering your entire home, as well as avoiding a fortress-like aesthetic. To lift it further, consider offsetting it with a warmer texture, such as wood or sandy stones or tiles.


Textured flooring is on the comeback, with raw, natural materials being favoured for decks and patios. Whilst polished concrete flooring has made more of an effect with interior design, raw concrete tiling is an effective way to bring some texture into your outdoor flooring. Remember, the larger the tile size, the more modern the finish will be.