Amazing pool area ideas for the summer


Warm days, blue skies and the buzz of Christmas growing…summer’s almost here! It’s the perfect time to laze by the pool, enjoying the sun with a few cold drinks and splashing around with the kids. But are you satisfied with your pool area?

If you’re looking forward to spending quality time in your backyard this summer, it should be a space that brings you pride and contentment. If you wish you you could turn the space into a magnificent, peaceful oasis, think about what you’re trying to achieve with your pool area. Once you have your priorities in place, deciding on updates or renovations become much simpler.

Here are a few ideas to kick your inspiration into gear; it’s time to re-imagine your outdoor area into the oasis you deserve.



A boundary wall incorporating glass infills allows you to enjoy the surrounding view while keeping your pool protected from the wind. Perfect for homes situated on a waterfront or nestled in the bush.



Feel a little ‘on show’ to your neighbours? There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling like your private space is being infiltrated. A tall boundary structure is the perfect solution to ensure peace of mind for the whole family.



A grand wall with large posts can transform a regular backyard into an exquisite outdoor area. Couple with tasteful landscaping and water features and you’ll be sure to add value to your property and amaze friends and family.

Entertainer’s Dream

This is one of our favourite projects to date: this pool area, previously surrounded by a rusty metal fence, was transformed into a beautiful entertaining space, whilst shielding residents from party noise, thanks to the acoustic properties of our VogueWall. Check out the Case Study!



Whether it’s causing noise issues with surrounding neighbours or wanting to drown out loud traffic while you relax, acoustic fences mitigate any noise problems. Simultaneously enjoy your serenity and maintain happy relationships with all your neighbours.


Midnight Delight

Who said you could only enjoy your pool when the sun’s out? Add warm lights around the pool to create a gorgeous, romantic atmosphere to enjoy a late swim. Perfect for night owls and those hot, sticky summer nights.


Unique Design

We’ve seen our fair share of pool area ideas, but we remain amazed with the creativity of some homeowners! Decorative screens, out of the ordinary pool shapes and stunning indoor-outdoor living spaces create a striking effect for any home – find out more about this awesome Case Study!



Creating a sleek, impressive aesthetic doesn’t have to break the bank. Modern designer fencing solutions have never been easier to acquire, and the range of exterior paints and wall finishes offer endless possibilities to express your individual style.



Think of the space as a whole; it’s not just about the pool. Think of how resorts style their pools to make you feel invigorated and relaxed, and take inspiration from how they approach their pool area designs.

Create an exquisite pool area for your home this summer; get in touch with our in-house team on 1300 556 957,or simply enquire below.

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