DIY Ideas: How to build an outdoor bar

  • 3 minutes
  • 29 May 2019

Looking for your next big DIY idea? This project will have you toasting another successful home improvement with an ice-cold celebration drink at your brand-new outdoor bar. Let’s get building!


The first question you need to answer; where do you want your new outdoor bar? Do you want it just outside the house, to support an organic indoor-outdoor flow?  Or would you rather a secluded oasis nestled amongst your garden, or beside the pool? Does it need to be close to plumbing or electrical services? Where do you get the most shelter from the elements?

Once you know the ‘where’, you can take a look at the ‘how’!


Next, you’ll need to design the layout of your outdoor bar. Take note of your surroundings; how does the sun track across the area? What do you want your bar to look out onto? Can you make use of any existing structures, garden zones or shade?

Also consider how you want the bar area to be used. How would you like people to move through the space? Is the serving station easy to move around in? Does the seating arrangement promote easy, comfortable conversation? The more thought that’s put into the organic use of the space, the more relaxing the final bar will be!

DIY Ideas - How To Build an Outdoor Bar | ModularWalls

Outdoor bar themes

The theme of your backyard bar will play a big part in the materials you choose to build with. Timber is a great choice for coastal or rustic bar themes, while rendered brick, breeze-blocks or feature tiling would be perfect for resort-style or Art Deco designs. Polished metal offers a sleek, modern aesthetic, while re-purposed or weathered metal finishes create an authentic industrial feel.

If you can’t decide on just one, feel free to mix textures and materials for a unique bar design!

Barware and appliances

So you’ve designed the basic shape of the bar; it’s time to add in all the fun gadgets! Choose the perfect appliances that support your outdoor lifestyle — as well as your poison of choice! A whiskey drinker’s dream bar will be far different to a wine lover’s, and different again for a cocktail connoisseur.  Explore fun DIY ideas and styling tips for each below:

DIY Outdoor Wine Bar | ModularWalls

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Wine bar

  • Wine rack fridge
  • Decanter station
  • Built-in ice bucket
  • Hanging stemware racks
  • Grape vine climbers to grow around framework
  • Wine barrel sink station

Whiskey bar

  • Feature wall of single-bottle shelves or cabinets
  • DIY bar cart
  • Designer decanter station
  • Caravan freezer drawer with extra large ice-cube trays
  • Citrus trees – note that new plants may take up to 5 years to fruit, so this is an investment!

Beer station

Cocktail bar

  • Built-in cutting board counter tops
  • Hanging stemware racks for various types of cocktail glassware
  • Designer mortar & pestle
  • Soda water tap
  • Espresso machine
  • Herb station with mint and lavender
  • Grow wild strawberries or a passion flower green wall around bar