Design Trend – Climbing Plants

  • 2 minutes
  • 5 April 2019

The movement back to earthy textures and lush greens have made foliage more important than ever. When you’re looking to add a bit of life to your space with a feature wall, look no further than the stunning combination of inspired climbing plants and the humble but powerful trellis wire!

Leafy climbers

Unleash the magnificent beauty of climbing plants with these lush, leafy climbing plants:

  • grape ivy
  • potato vine
  • English ivy
  • Virginia creeper
  • creeping fig (but keep a close eye on this guy – they dislike painted surfaces and need regular pruning to keep tamed)


Native climbers

Looking for a native species? Australia’s range of creepers and climbers include:

  • pandoreas
  • hardenbergia
  • coral pea
  • guinea flower
The Climbing plants look fantastic on this ModularWalls SlimWall

Flowering climbers

If you’re after a romantic feature wall idea that will paint some colour into your space, look no further than these striking climbers:

  • bougainvillea
  • climbing hydrangea
  • banksia rose
  • honeysuckle
  • wisteria
  • bleeding heart vine
  • trumpet vine
  • garlic vine

Edible climbing plants

Don’t have room for a backyard veggie patch? Grow your food on the wall! Some beautiful, edible climbing plants include:

  • passion fruit
  • kiwi fruit
  • grapes
  • Malabar spinach
  • jasmine (for home-made teas!)
  • hops (perfect for any home brewers out there)

Trellis wire designs

Trellis wire has been an age-old garden hack, especially since the green wall trend. However, don’t think you need to limit yourself to the traditional modest cross-hatch design! Create a living, breathing sketch by training your plants to grow around unique designs and shapes.

DIY trellis

For those who can’t help a clever DIY hack, there are plenty of re-purposed trellis ideas to choose from! Vintage bed frames, recycled pallets, mattress springs, fishnet, timber ladders and even a simply cutting of chicken wire can yield amazing results with training climbing plants into intriguing, unique focal points.

Climbing plants are just one of many ways you can customise your modular wall; with the ability to integrate retaining, wall lighting, letterboxes, slats and decorative infills, as well as finish with paints, textures, tiles or cladding, this isn’t just a fence; this is a revolution.