Adaptability of VogueWall® allows for stunning customisation for pool feature wall

8 June 2017


The client wanted to construct a visually striking pool feature wall that provided privacy screening and ensured a harmonious aesthetic with this newly renovated home in Bulls Creek, WA.

Combining the robust visual characteristics of a conventional masonry structure with the lightweight nature of a modular system, the VogueWall provided an effortless solution that matched all the client’s needs. The installation of the lightweight 26m long wall was completed in just 2 days and required no strip footings or heavy machinery, which perfectly resolved the issue of its proximity to the pool boundary and added privacy to the area in one fell swoop.

The adaptability of the VogueWall allows a high level of customisation, easily incorporating cabling, letterboxes, slat in-fills, gates and hanging features. The cementitious surface of the panels also accepts a variety of finishes including cladding, tiles, paints and textures, enabling it to fully match any architectural style. The homeowner added a custom tiled veneer and back-lit laser-cut screening, resulting in a stunning pool feature wall that added a considerable ‘wow factor’ to the space. Harnessing the personalisation factor of the VogueWall left the client absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and delighted to have found a pool-adjacent, lightweight solution without compromising their ultimate design goals.