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Modular retaining panels convert into planter box garden walls

13 January 2017

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The developer of this residential apartment complex in the Sydney suburb of Roseville built a sizeable garden along the front of the project, in order to add a much-needed touch of nature for the benefit of occupants. They wanted to create retaining wall planter box boundaries around the garden in order to impart a heightened sense of structure to the feature, as well as use a surface texture and colour that would complement its natural surroundings.

The adoption of the EstateWall in combination with TerraFirm panels enabled the developers to fully meet their vision of sturdy block walls around the boundary of the garden by means of a light-weight modular system, as opposed to a heavy-duty masonry solution. The walls ran for 101 lineal metres in total, and made use of the TerraFirm retaining panels to create plantar boxes at the base of the structure. The retaining sections essentially elevated an area of soil above the ground, in order to permit the installation of ornamental plants.

The versatility of the EstateWall permitted the incorporation of thick timber frames as a decorative embellishment that complements the visual aesthetic of the garden, while also lending a greater sense of openness and transparency to the wall structure itself. In order to ensure that the retaining wall planter box boundary fully matched the style of the garden as well as the rest of the apartment complex, the developer opted to cover them with sandstone tiles that create a sense of permanence and solidity. The coarse surface and irregular patterns of the sandstone tiles produce a classy effect, and provide a striking contrast to the adjacent plant-life of the garden.