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Textured outdoor feature wall ideas for your backyard

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Feature walls can add aesthetic appeal and value to your home, as well as bring together an outdoor décor theme. When choosing a finish for your wall, think outside the box and consider these stunning textured outdoor feature wall ideas in place of a normal paint job!

Outdoor Feature Wall Ideas for your Backyard | ModularWalls

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Stone cladding

A popular outdoor feature wall idea, stone cladding and stacking provide a timeless, earthy element to your backyard space. Perfectly complimenting surrounding gardens and adding a cool, strong tone to the atmosphere.

Darker stones add depth, while lighter coloured stones add a softer, beach-inspired vibe. For a classic look, take a look at pebble mosaics rather than stacked slivers of stone.


Tiling offers a more refined look to the space. When choosing the right tiles, consider how they will react to the weather and if your wall can safely support their weight.

The options available range from rough textured stone, to smooth, shiny ceramics, in all sizes and shapes. Perhaps consider using a mix of different tiles in a stylish pattern.


A strong statement wall is perfect for those whose taste in décor is bold and striking. Mosaic tiling can create amazing works of art to fill a blank wall amongst your garden.

Perfectly suited to homes with an ethnic, bohemian or Moroccan inspired theme.

Textured Outdoor Feature Wall Ideas for your Backyard | ModularWalls

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Wood feature wall ideas

Another natural element used in outdoor feature walls is wood panelling. Utilising a variety of stains and textures, this finish can range from polished oak slats to rough, rustic beams.

For a truly individual wood feature wall, upcycle old pieces of wood from tables, frames, scrap wood and driftwood and create an eclectic collage.


While growing bamboo can be risky, due to its wild-spreading and weed-like nature, the aesthetic of bamboo is still a sought-after material for outdoor feature walls.

Slightly different from a wood feature wall, the bamboo offers a reedy alternative that nicely complements Oriental-inspired decorating themes and poolside areas. Depending on the treatment of the bamboo, different colours and textures can be utilised to match various architectural themes.

Garden Wall

For the garden-lover, a vertical garden or garden wall is the perfect feature wall.

Handy for those who may not have a big backyard but would love a thriving garden, or those who simply love surrounding themselves with foliage and greenery. These masterpieces of nature are fast becoming a breath taking trend in feature wall ideas.

Fast growing air plants, mosses, grasses, ferns and climbers – such as ivy and wisteria – are handy plants to get your garden wall started.

Textured Outdoor Feature Wall Ideas | ModularWalls

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Metal outdoor feature wall ideas

Sheet metal may not sound beautiful, but when utilised in a creative way, it can add a steampunk-chic edge to a wall design. Artfully distressed or rusted iron and steel offer a rustic charm, while metals such as bronze or copper can add a glamorous touch to an outdoor area.

Metal screening comes in a range of decorative patterns and can be easily mounted onto walls or incorporated into modular wall systems.

Friezes and wall reliefs

When in Rome, decorate as the Romans did! Friezes and wall reliefs were beautiful pieces of art in many of the ancient worlds, adorning the walls of homes, courtyards and significant public spaces. This art form is still available today, with specialty sculptors able to create amazing designs based on your own individual wishes.

Tuscan render

A popular indoor decorating trend, outdoor Tuscan rendering offers an earthy, ethnic aesthetic, with techniques ranging from rough, jagged strokes to smooth, blended finishes. As mentioned above, textured finish goes hand in hand with mosaic detailing, to create a Moroccan masterpiece.


Written by Evelyn Kandris

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