Corner block fencing dramatically boosts street appeal

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  • 11 June 2019

Premium corner block fencing and retaining walls create a striking home and focal point for residents. The grand EstateWall ensures instant street appeal, levels sloping land, boosts privacy and creates a secure outdoor oasis. All with one sleek wall system!

Street appeal

EstateWall creates privacy for this corner block

EstateWall offers a dramatic grand statement for this corner block home, proudly showcasing fountains of ferns against its fresh white canvas. The unique combination of flush post tops and external wall capping on the boundary wall creates a clean frame for the corner block fencing. Likewise, the smooth white finish supports the home’s modern architectural style and harmonises with the outdoor area and front entrance. Finally, the integrated post lighting casts a regal glow throughout the darker hours. As a result, this beacon of contemporary architecture is a standout on the block, catching many admiring eyes in the neighbourhood.


Retaining walls

The EstateWall boundary fence and small retaining wall are the perfect combination for this corner block.


Sloping blocks can pose many challenges when building a new home. However, our TerraFirm retaining panel solutions combine with our wall systems, including EstateWall, to create standalone retaining walls or integrated boundary and front walls

In this scenario, our TerraFirm75 retaining panel was the ideal solution for its ability to retain up to 750mm of soil. The result is a standalone retaining wall that wraps around the entire corner property. Not to mention the low front wall levels the lot for the stunning pool and entertaining area.

The low retaining wall boasts flush capping and post tops, with integrated post lighting to create a striking design. And finally, the corner block fencing was painted the same colour as the boundary wall to achieve aesthetic harmony.


Corner block fencing for security and privacy

EstateWall with integrated lighting and external wall capping create a private backyard.


When building on a corner block, the biggest priority for boundary solutions is privacy and security. To utilise the land, you must be able to create a secure sanctuary. Plus, have the utmost confidence that the wall or fence will protect your home.

EstateWall reaches up to 3m high, and its smooth post-and-panel design ensures a non-climbable wall face, making it an excellent solution for pool areas as with this home. Additionally, there is the option to integrate intercoms, surveillance systems and lighting to create a secure perimeter.


Reduce road noise with corner block fencing

Corner Block Fencing with EstateWall including external wall capping and gate create privacy for the yard.


True privacy also includes acoustic privacy. And corner blocks are some of the most affected homes in Australia in terms of noise reduction issues. However, our wall systems are acoustically rated and tested by the National Laboratory of Australia. ModularWalls not only protect residential properties; our products are a trusted noise attenuation solution for commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects all over Australia.

In conclusion, with ModularWalls, you can be confident that you’re receiving a proven noise reduction solution with a modern aesthetic that’s cost-effective compared to rendered brick or concrete. As a result, reduce traffic noise, preserve your acoustic privacy, ensure your home’s security, and boost street appeal in a single sweep.

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