Why true privacy screens should include acoustic privacy

  • 4 minutes
  • 15 February 2019

Modern homes have become our sanctuaries; carefully crafted oases that replenish us after a long day and shield us from the demands of ‘the outside world’. Privacy screens have been a commonly requested solution for a long time; but as lots get smaller, we’re seeing a staggering rise in the quest for true acoustic privacy.

Privacy screens used to be anything such as lattice atop your picket fence to a 2.1m metal fence. The aim of the game was to simply block the line of sight. However, people quickly realised that privacy isn’t only about not being watched.

Let us set the scene

It’s a glorious day filled with fresh air and gentle rays of sunshine; maybe the kids want to have their friends over for a pool party; perhaps you want to flow through a guided meditation and yoga tutorial on YouTube; or maybe you just wanna break in your new day bed and indulge in the latest ‘Aussie Bangers’ Spotify playlist.

Whatever you want to do, you should be able to do in the privacy of your own home. But that flimsy timber fence holds you back, because you know your neighbours can hear every single thing you do in your backyard.

Sure, maybe they can’t see you. But they can hear the screams and shouts of your kids having a laugh; they can hear you groaning your way through a sweaty sun salutation; they can certainly hear Savage Garden asking if you’ll be their baby. Just like an apartment block with thin walls, a flimsy privacy screen lets all the noises of life through, leaving you feeling just as exposed. This is where acoustic privacy can save the day.

True privacy means acoustic privacy

Nowadays, privacy screens can and should be acoustically rated. Since our founder, Nick Holden, went on ABC’s New Inventors program and unveiled the very first modular wall to the world, homeowners all across Australia have been re-evaluating what their privacy means to them.

Before modular walls and fences, options were limited. If you wanted a fence that reduced noise, you had to spend a lot of money on a brick wall. If you couldn’t afford it, you’d have to settle for a cost-effective metal or timber fence that offered little to no acoustic benefits. But now, homeowners have access to a range of acoustically rated fencing solutions that cost a fraction of the hefty price of traditional brick. What our acoustic fencing offers is a robust, secure privacy screen that reduces neighbourhood noise up to 4 to 5 times!

What does this mean? It means that more Australians can now afford acoustic privacy. Whether you live on a sprawling property next to a nature reserve, or in a townhouse beside a Maccas drive-thru along a 5-lane highway; your home should be your private oasis. At least, we think so.

Barry & Miguel

Barry & Miguel choose EstateWall acoustic privacy wall

The latest homeowner to take advantage of our privacy wall solutions was none other than Barry Du Bois & Miguel Maestre from Channel 10’s The Living Room. Miguel needed to protect his young family from cars, traffic noise and passers-by, since his home was situated along a public walkway and busy main road.

To help him out, Barry decided to knock up a grand front privacy wall. With its robust appearance, the EstateWall instantly transformed a loud, unsafe area into a peaceful haven for his children.

Watch their full DIY story to see how it enhanced their outdoor lifestyle and created a safe, peaceful sanctuary:

It’s time to invest in your peace and quiet; hit the ‘MUTE’ button on loud neighbours, traffic noise and old mate’s lawn mower at 6am on a Sunday morning.