Barry Du Bois builds DIY privacy wall for Miguel Maestre’s beautiful family home

  • 1 minute
  • 30 January 2019

Co-host of Channel 10’s The Living Room, Miguel Maestre, is well known for his cooking skills. So, when needing a new front fence for his home, he called his best friend and renovation expert, Barry Du Bois. Together, the duo built a DIY privacy wall using ModularWalls. The result is a safe and secure front yard for Miguel’s young family that accentuates the beautiful architectural style of his modern home. 

Considering the limited amount of spare time in their busy schedules, Barry Du Bois wanted something that they could knock up fast, without compromising on aesthetics, durability or acoustic performance; so he got straight on the phone with ModularWalls!

Check out how their EstateWall DIY privacy wall has completely put their mind at ease while their kids enjoy their connected, secure outdoor area.