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Top 5 wall finishes for your modular wall

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So, your brand new modular wall has been installed — all you need to do now is finish as desired! Our fencing systems can accommodate a variety of wall finishes to compliment your home’s architectural style and add a personal touch to your wall design.

Here are the top 5 wall finishes you can choose from:


1. Exterior acrylic paint

This is the most common -- and easiest -- wall finish. Due to the smooth, cementitious finish of our wall panels, you can achieve a sleek, render-like finish with a quick lick of exterior acrylic paint!

Dulux Weathershield and Wattyl Solagard are popular choices for many of our customers, as they are exterior grade, don't need a primer and come in a vast collection of colours. It is also easy to harmonise to your home by using the same exterior paint, like this striking VogueWall used in Three Birds Renovations' outdoor fireplace!


2. Texture paint

If you're looking for a more textured finish but don't have the budget or DIY skill for rendering, a textured paint is the perfect middle-ground.

Look for sand-based, exterior grade paints and you will have a textured finish that’s cost-effective and very achievable for the average DIYer!

3. Textured acrylic render

Although our products are manufactured to mirror a rendered look, you can achieve a range of aesthetics with an acrylic render, such as stucco plastering or Tuscan-style finishes.

Note that whilst our panels do accept acrylic renders, our posts, post tops and wall capping do not; they will need to be finished with an acrylic paint, or texture paint, if you want to match the render's texture.


4. Tiling

Make a statement with some feature tiling! Tiled finishes on our wall panels have surged in popularity after the iconic EstateWall front wall in Three Birds Renovations' House 10.

To nail this wall finish, ensure you pair with External wall capping to adequately cover the tile edging and only tile the wall panels; the posts, post tops and capping will need to be painted. 

5. Veneers or cladding

Cladding is a great way to customise your wall and work extremely well for feature walls and retaining wall designs.

Our panels are suitable for all types of veneers -- simply keep to the weight restrictions recommended on the adhesive label. The general weight restrictions for most adhesives is usually around 90kg, but always check the label of the specific adhesive you’re using.

Finally, the posts, post tops and wall capping will need to be painted.



Wall finishes & warranty

Furthermore, for warranty reasons, we recommend you apply the finish on your wall within 30 days of installation.

Our wall materials arrive ready to accept your final finishing; therefore, if the wall surfaces are not clean due to prolonged exposure to the elements, finishes might not stick as well as it should.

So, finishing your wall promptly is an important last step!


Looking for a custom finish?

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Written by Evelyn Kandris

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