The ultimate backyard To-Do list for your long weekend

  • 8 minutes
  • 23 January 2020

This summer has been particularly rough on many Australians. We could all use some TLC, especially our backyards. From drought to smoke to flash floods and wild winds, our outdoor areas are probably looking a little worse for wear. So it’s time to put some love back into our gardens. Spend the long weekend creating spaces of rejuvenation and recovery with this ultimate backyard To-Do list!

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To-Do list for the garden:

1. Replenish your soil

Soil needs air and organic matter to soak through to the roots and stay in the ground. So, to avoid wasting water through run-off, spend some time turning through new soil, compost, water beads, and fertiliser. Or, at the very least, break through the hard ground and fluff it up a bit!

Is replenishing your backyard soil on your to-do list?

2. Aerate the lawn

The very same concept goes for your lawn. Aerating your lawn will make the most of any rain we’ll be getting and promote recovery. If you know you’re getting rain, you can also spray on some fertiliser to let it soak down into the roots.


3. Check water levels

Does anything need to be drained? Is there water pooling and drowning fragile plants? Can you redirect water to parts that need more or move plants into wetter areas? Could you make some DIY rainwater catchments? Do you have time to hand-water with buckets?

Adhere to your local water restrictions. If using greywater, make triple sure you’re not introducing chemical waste to your garden! If you’re after more info on caring for your dried out plants, check out our drought-tolerant garden tips.


4. Get on top of your weed control

Your plants are fighting for water; you don’t want them battling against thirsty weeds. If your garden is compromised, hold back on chemical weed killers; it’s safer to manually pull the weeds out by hand. Make sure you’re removing them to the roots, or you’ll be back pulling the same weeds out again the following week!


5. Trim back the dead stuff

Your plants might also need some guidance on allocating resources; with limited water and nutrients, we want them to go to the right places. Trim off all the dead stuff so that the plant can put all its energy into the healthy parts.


6. Refresh your mulch

Soil’s fresh and aerated, there’s a good amount of moisture in the ground and the area is cleared of weeds; it’s time to lock it down! Mulching is a staple for any gardening to-do list. By adding a fresh layer to your garden, you prevent water loss through evaporation, add organic matter through its breakdown, and stifle weed growth.

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7. Redefine your garden edging

Is water leaking out of the places you want it? Consider redefining your garden sections. Putting barriers around thirstier areas can help keep the water in; use anything from defined retaining walls to a few well-placed bush rocks!


8. Reorganise the shed

Are you afraid to open your shed door for fear of something crashing out? Are you confident you’d know where to find something, or would you probably buy a new one to avoid the hunt? Reorganising your shed is one of the best motivators for keeping your outdoor area up to shape. Clear out the rubbish, introduce helpful storage solutions and replenish any dwindling stock; your garden will thank you. Ticking this off your backyard to-do list will be a very satisfying accomplishment.


9. Consider the wildlife

Our wildlife has been through a lot, and many are displaced and fighting to survive. Consider installing birdbaths and houses, ponds, feeders and wildlife crossings/corridors. There is also a range of native plants that feed local birds!

Ideas for the exterior:

10. Clean windows and exteriors

You’d be amazed how much impact this would have on your home. Break apart cobwebs and wipe away the dust to make your house feel shiny and new again.

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11. Clear gutters and downpipes

If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to make sure your gutters and downpipes are clear! The last thing you need is a blocked gutter creating water damage during the next torrential downpour…


12. Spruce up your entrances

Do your doorways entice and excite? Are they open, clear, inviting? Or are they cramped, blocked, cluttered? Create the vibe before you even enter a space by paying attention to your entrances and exits; it can have a huge mental effect on how you move through your home.

Perhaps it’s simply clearing passages or restyling each entrance. But, if you’re looking for a more dramatic change, consider widening windows and doorways to create an open, organic flow.

Add updating your entry to your backyard to-do list. Three Birds Renovations House 13 - Grand Entrance

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations House 13 featuring EstateWall

13. Boost your street appeal

We’re venturing out of the backyard, but it’s still a worthy contender for your long weekend to-do list. Take a quick survey of your home; if you’re not overly impressed with what you see, it’s time to boost that street appeal!


14. Revive your fencing

Fencing is one of the most overlooked aspects of an outdoor area…but one of the most important. It is the frame for your home, the backdrop for your garden and the container for your entire outdoor lifestyle. Aesthetics, acoustics, privacy, security; it all comes down to the humble fence!

It might just need a good wash or a lick of paint. Perhaps you’re after a privacy screen for a specific area, or maybe it needs replacing altogether. Either way, it’s time to surround yourself in style and invest in your peace and quiet!

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15. Build a front wall

A front wall can offer some structure and reverence to your property, whilst also controlling foot traffic and boundary demarcation. Additionally, at certain heights, it can even boost security and reduce traffic noise! If you’re intrigued, browse these front wall designs to find one that’s right for your property.


To-Do list for outdoor living areas:

16. Re-evaluate your shelter

Do you have enough shade from the sun? Is there a good balance of shelter from the wind and circulation of fresh air? Is your outdoor area still usable in wet or cold weather? Weather-proofing for winter cold-snaps and summer heatwaves is key to making our backyards a year-round living space.


17. Clean the pool area

This goes further than simply switching on the creepy-crawly. Consider the entire pool area; are there pool toys past their prime? Do you need to freshen up the seating options or styling themes? Could the pool coping use a good scrub? You’d be amazed at what a couple of towel hooks, lounge chairs and a beach umbrella could do!

SlimWall Three Birds Outdoor Tiles

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations House 14 SlimWall pool wall

18. Rejuvenate outdoor furniture

Take a quick minute to look over your outdoor furniture. Could anything use a wash? Some new cushions or throws? A complete replacement? Your seating options play a crucial role in whether or not you’ll use the space, so make sure they’re clean, comfy and inviting.


19.  Refresh your pavers

Whether they need a scrub, some weeding, a stain or a complete replacement, this backyard project can completely transform and modernise your outdoor area.


20. Clean or re-stain the decking

It takes a bit of effort, but boy does it make a difference. A clean deck feels amazing underfoot, but a re-stained deck is practically new! Of course, this is also the perfect time to bang in any rogue nails or sand down any splinters that have been on your to-do list.


21. Restock the BBQ and fire pit

A must for any to-do list is filling up gas bottles, cleaning cooking areas and BBQ utensils and restocking firewood. You’re way more likely to use the BBQ area if you prep and maintain it!

Three Birds VogueWall House 11

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations complete outdoor fire pit with VogueWall privacy screen

22. Transform the sides of your house

This is such an overlooked space for so many homes…but it offers a world of potential! Just make sure you look into what you can and can’t do with your local council restrictions. If you’re after a hit of inspo, some genius ideas include:


23. Revamp your outdoor lighting plan

If you feel like your outdoor lighting is too soft, harsh, or outdated, check out these inspired backyard lighting designs.


24. Create living zones

Zoning has become a far more manageable way to renovate your backyard. Tackle one living zone at a time on your to-do list and watch your outdoor lifestyle blossom before your eyes!

Living Zones with TrendWall retaining

Case Study: Kate Sparks creates living zones with DIY retaining wall

25. Level your land — by hand!

Finally, levelling uneven ground has a range of benefits; it can boost functionality, aesthetics — and even property value! The best part? You don’t even need any intimidating machinery or equipment to do it. Instead, check out these genius ways to level the ground by hand.