Three Birds Renovations create outdoor rooms and zones with VogueWall

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  • 20 November 2019

Three Birds Renovations have done it again; in their latest reveal of House 11, the fab trio take a unique twist on Hamptons style. In their grand finale, they reveal the new backyard, complete with poolside oasis, outdoor fire pit — and a VogueWall privacy screen creating luxe outdoor rooms!

…want to #makeitmodular?


‘Hiding the ugly’ with an aesthetic visual screen

Three Birds Renovations are known for the jaw-dropping designs; every single aesthetic detail has not only been thought of, but expertly executed. However, to create a truly beautiful living area, you need the right canvas.

Throughout the house, they made stunning backdrops of regular walls using Intrim mouldings. For their outdoor living area, they continued the importance of beautiful backdrops though a sleek, sophisticated modular wall screen. By installing a VogueWall around their pool area and outdoor fireplace, they effectively blocked their ugly boundary fence and enclosed these luxe living zones with the stunning frame they deserve. Three Birds Renovations create outdoor rooms that inspire, a space designed for both relaxing and entertaining.

Three Birds House 11 - VogueWall

Three Birds Renovations create outdoor rooms with modular walls

Zoning has become a huge trend in outdoor design. Whilst still enjoying open plan backyards, zoning allows you to create pockets of space with specific meaning; instead of a single outdoor area, you end up with several living zones for separate purposes. In House 11, Three Birds Renovations cleverly used modular walls to create outdoor rooms, bringing a clear sense of purpose to each space.

Zoning has a few unexpected benefits, too. If you’re a styling wizard, you suddenly have separate areas brimming with design potential.

It’s also a cost-effective way to tackle a backyard renovation. In reality, who has the budget — or time — to organise a complete backyard upheaval anymore? Instead, plan your backyard into different functional zones or outdoor rooms and take on one project at a time!

Three Birds House 11 - VogueWall

Life’s better poolside…especially with VogueWall

The poolside oasis features a stunning daybed area for the family to kick back and soak up the summer sun. However, the awful boundary fence posed a huge challenge to this luxe atmosphere; it’s hard to achieve those resort-style feels when you’ve got a Frankenstein fence featuring old metal panels and timber sleeper retaining walls…

To create a clean, sophisticated backdrop for this gorgeous pool area, they decided on the versatile VogueWall. Mirroring a rendered brick aesthetic, the VogueWall offers the robust, premium aesthetic for a quarter of the price — and installed in less than a quarter off the install time! Measuring 3m high and finished in the same exterior paint as the home, it created the perfect backdrop for their new poolside oasis.


Three Birds House 11 - VogueWall

Turning up the heat with an outdoor fire pit

The VogueWall screen was continued around a portion of the back fence, to create a nook for the outdoor fire pit area. Whilst being a modest return, it was the perfect way to create an outdoor room of sorts, offering privacy and completely blocking the unsightly left boundary fence, so as not to detract from the luxe fireplace design.

True privacy is acoustic privacy

Last, but certainly not least; the privacy factor.

For a family home — especially one with a pool area — privacy is of the utmost concern. Reaching heights of up to 3m and boasting acoustically rated panels, ModularWalls’ wall systems offer a high level of visual and acoustic privacy.

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