Expert Advice: Harness the power of Feng Shui in your new build, with Krystal Sagona  

  • 6 minutes
  • 4 December 2019

Being intuitive is something that is innately ingrained in Krystal Sagona and her work with Interior Flow. When she realised this wasn’t the norm within interior design, Krystal was determined to create spaces that heal the people within them and to empower everyone who used those spaces to thrive.  We spoke with Krystal about holistic interior design and how to harness the power of Feng Shui within your new build.

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Q. When did your interest in Feng Shui begin?

My fascination with the biology of energy that is readable in lay lines in the earth, which prompted me to study the art of Feng Shui in 2014. The course satisfied my thirst for the century-old practice, dating back 6000 years, based on an accumulation of knowledge to include cosmology, influences from the stars, directions, time changes and unseen natural forces which have strong influence over human well being and prosperity.


Q. Why did you decide to study Feng Shui and make it part of your professional practice?

Feng Shui started out as a curiosity and a way to expand my knowledge. As I put my learning into practise on friends’ and families’ homes, I realised that the formulas I was learning began informing me of everything I already knew about these people’s lives – and more.


Q. Do you think many people are aware of, or practise, Feng Shui?

No, I do not; many people assume Feng Shui to be about placement and ask about old wives’ tales that they’ve heard. It doesn’t matter if the front or back doors align, nor does the number of the property; the practise of Feng Shui is measured by the magnetic compass reading of a house or building, to understand the front and rear facing direction of the building.

And all of this changes, as do the cycles of nature. Energy is a forever-moving element; Feng Shui captures the energy of a building in the same way as the astrology of a person when they are born.

Q. Why is Feng Shui important in a home?

Feng Shui was written in the same books as Chinese medicine and acupuncture; the same cures in Feng Shui are used in Chinese medicine and applied in the home. The Chinese believed that the home and body were just as important as one another; especially where your head slept at night, as well as the energy located at the front door, which is brought through into your life.


Q. What are the main ideas or goals behind Feng Shui?

The most important keys of Feng Shui are to ensure the energies are correct and in their time. Just as a house cannot be built without architectural plans, the Feng Shui cures cannot be known without a compass and a formula calculated to overlay onto the house plan, which determine where these energies lie and where to implement the cures and supporting elements.

The best advice I can give you is that if your life is prosperous and everything is going well, then you most likely have good energy placement in the home and Feng Shui cures are not required. This is commonly felt when people move houses; the energy placement differs from house to house.


Q. For new builds, does Feng Shui start at the furniture & styling, or sooner, like the construction phase?

Feng Shui can start as early as choosing the land to build on, to make sure that the block of land is facing and sitting in the right directions and that the shape of the block of land is conducive to good energy flow, such as rectangular or square blocks of land.

Triangular or obscure shapes of land, or land that is below street level, could mean that the energy will have a hard time finding the home. This can be remedied; however, it takes proper planning through the landscaping and infrastructure of the driveway.

Harness the power of Feng Shui

Courtyards have the best energy flow to live in, as the energy circulates around and around to your door. Houses at the bottom of hills or mountains have excellent support and are a prosperous location, with the mountain supporting the property for prosperity. With busy roads, the energy is flying past and moving quickly, but not detrimental; if you can’t avoid backing onto a freeway or train line, ensure there is a large fence and or tall trees for protection.


Q. Do you recall any notable experiences working with Feng Shui elements?

I offered to do the Feng Shui for a metalworker come business colleague, when prototyping some furniture designs. Everything that could go wrong, was going wrong, for this business owner; I offered to do the Feng Shui for him out of curiosity. I wanted to see if it would provide an answer to preventing accidents in the workplace and producing an environment to run a prosperous business, instead of one in debt.

The numbers never lie; the formulas revealed that his working space, where all the fabrication was taking place, was in the number 5 – representing bankruptcy, accidents and hauntings. We shifted his work area into the large warehouse, to a prosperous water number, which changed the course of his business instantly! Prosperity, debts being paid and business growth, as well as the string of freak accidents coming to an end.

Who is Krystal Sagona?

With over 10 years’ experience as a passionate designer, award-winning interior architect and founder of Interior Flow, Krystal Sagona is a Feng Shui & Intuitive Design specialist. Being intuitive was something that was innately ingrained in her work; when she realised this wasn’t the ‘norm’ within interior design, Krystal was determined to create spaces to heal the people within them and to empower everyone who used those spaces to thrive.

Studying her master’s degree in Art Therapy provided her with the language and tools to discover what is important to clients, helping create a healing environment conducive to work, rest or play.  Krystal has built a strong reputation through her wholesome designs that meets clients’ unspoken requirements on a holistic level, producing award-winning design solutions and spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the senses.