DIY Ideas – How to build DIY outdoor seating

  • 3 minutes
  • 30 August 2019

This month’s featured DIY idea will help you take a load off; boost outdoor comfort levels and entertaining capabilities with these 10 simple DIY outdoor seating designs!

 1. Cinder block seating

This iconic duo strikes again; simply combine cinder blocks with timber beams, and you can knock together some outdoor seating in no time! Peruse these DIY tutorials to build the perfect bench design for your backyard.

 2. Milk crate stools

If you’re good with a sewing machine, these DIY milk crate stools are incredibly easy, cost-effective and downright funky. Use as singular seats or group a couple together with a timber bench top!  For extra comfort, we’d suggest including some cushions or some serious padding!

3. Up-cycled pallet DIY outdoor seating designs

Oh, trusty pallet; what can’t you do? This incredible article showcases different seating designs, all made from recycled shipping pallets.

 4. Glue-together wooden bench

That’s right, no screws or hardware needed! But don’t be fooled; this simple, modern bench still offers some woodworking fun. Check out this detailed tutorial and make your very own!

VogueWall with planter box

 5. Bench with planters

Love being surrounded by fresh plumes of foliage? Treat yourself to an outdoor bench with built-in planters! This is the perfect design for patios or courtyards that might not have room for much garden, but could use a fresh dose of greenery.

 6. Tree bench

If there’s a beautiful tree or mature plant growing in your yard, why not make it a feature? This DIY bench design wraps around a tree base, making magical use of the canopy above.

 7. Log bench

Love the rustic look? This simple tutorial makes a focal point of natural logs in their natural state to make a truly stunning garden bench.

 8. Hanging chair

The perfect chair to just hang out; this DIY hanging chair design is especially fun for little ones!

 9. DIY hanging daybed

Take the hanging chair one step further and build an entire hanging daybed! If you’re not sure you have a structure that’ll hold the weight of a hanging design, you can check out our extensive list of other DIY daybed designs here!

 10. Custom corner seating

Finally, this spectacular outdoor seating design is a great way to make use of  dead space in a forgotten corner; especially with the added advantage of hidden storage! This detailed Mitre 10 video takes you through how to build your very own corner nook, step by step.

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