Australian Made products for Aussie landscapes

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  • 19 December 2018

Australia is home to some of the most iconic landscapes in the world; but for all its fierce beauty, we also face uniquely fierce climates. When it comes to building a home that will stand the test of time, our Australian Made products have been specifically designed to cope with even the harshest of Aussie environments.

BAL 29 rating for bushfire zones and rural homes

When you need a fence that can take the heat, your options can suddenly become quite limited. Masonry is expensive and not suitable for certain homes and applications, while metal fencing lacks the aesthetic qualities or noise reduction capabilities that many homeowners need. Our wall and fencing systems come with a standard BAL 29 compliance. 

VogueWall Coastal Home

Rust resistant fences for coastal homes

Beachside living is a dream location for many; however, it can pose its own environmental challenges for your home. The biggest request we see from waterfront or coastal homes is for a boundary solution that can stand the corrosive, salty air.

Our walls and fences offer two different post options; Classic and Aluminium. Our Classic posts are made from durable galvanised steel that can effectively withstand most coastal and poolside applications.

However, our Aluminium option offers a peace of mind for homeowners living in especially corrosive environments.

The other common concern we come across with coastal homes regards compliance with cyclonic wind regions. Our products can be custom designed to suit up to Wind Region C; simply inform your consultant of your specific wind region class and they will ensure it meets the requirements.

Julia Bates, a DIY customer of ours, recently shared her journey of repairing her home and her spirits after Cyclone Debbie tore her home apart; including her brand new pool area and brick pool wall. To her delight, ModularWalls was able to design her a cyclone rated masonry alternative pool wall that was every bit as grand as her initial design.

“Thank you for being the one easy element to bringing our home back from the disaster, which had really belted my enthusiasm for DIY. It has been so good for something to work so easily in the aftermath…I’ve nearly got my DIY mojo back!” – Julia Bates, on ModularWalls’ support during the repair of her disaster-stricken home

Cyclone Rated Wall Wins #DIYMODWALL Competition - VogueWall

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Landscaping solutions for sloping blocks

From gently rolling hills to steep split-level homes, sloping blocks can present some truly unique landscaping challenges. But with features such as integrated retaining within boundary walls, stepped installations and superior drainage through post and panel design, they can easily be overcome with a Modular Wall.

Landscaping On a Slope - ModularWalls Australian Made Integrated Retaining Walls

For many riverfront homes, restricted access can considerably increase landscaping or home improvement projects; sometimes, to the point where projects are simply ruled out. However, due to the lightweight materials and modular construction of our Modular Walls, difficult access homes can now enjoy the premium aesthetics of masonry without the ridiculously inflated price tag.

Australian homes present unique environmental requirements to support safe, comfortable outdoor lifestyles. As a manufacturer, we are proud to offer Australian Made products that directly respond to both the demands and unique beauty of Aussie landscapes.

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