Front yard transformed with VogueWall®boundary wall

  • 2 minutes
  • 18 February 2020

Front yards hold a world of potential, and this home in Cleveland QLD knew exactly how to harness it. With a combination of creative front yard landscaping and a VogueWall boundary wall, they were able to transform an otherwise unused piece of land into a lush courtyard oasis!

VogueWall - Cleveland QLD

When choosing a front boundary wall, security and privacy are usually high on the priority list. However, with such a splendid courtyard within, it also needed to double as a modern, attractive backdrop for their new front yard.

VogueWall ticked all the boxes. Running along the front and side boundaries, the wall delivered an impressive security perimeter from the outside. Meanwhile, from the inside, it created an elegant, impressive canvas that effectively showcased the exquisite landscaping features.

VogueWall - Cleveland QLD

A creative front yard design

Installed to perfection by the highly skilled, Smart Installations, this customer was absolutely thrilled with the entire experience.

Front Yard Transformed With VogueWall Boundary Wall | ModularWalls

‘I ask as many questions as possible, visualising their ideas before making some recommendations of my own,’  says Nick Schembri, of Smart Installations. Every job is different; landscape, privacy concerns or potential loss of view. I’m quite particular with my own property and ask myself, ‘if it was my place, what would I want?’’

On top of such stellar customer experience, the design of Nick’s wall was truly superb, with the creative capping combination creating an architectural frame for each bay.

‘VogueWall with external capping is my favourite style; it imitates a block wall and compliments any property, when installed right. The External wall capping suited the overall style of their home, and adding the Flush post tops modernised the wall,’ explains Nick.

front yard VogueWall - Cleveland QLD

‘We actually changed the post tops mid-way through the project, as the customer was curious to see the difference; it was a good decision, in the end! But either would have looked great.’

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