Boost street appeal effortlessly with these 10 simple tricks

  • 5 minutes
  • 24 May 2018

Boosting street appeal is not just for when you’re trying to sell. In fact, renovating up your front entrance can promote a fresh, positive perspective of your home.

Most often than not, we spend most of our efforts on the living spaces within. However, neglecting your front yard and entrance can negatively affect your property value, your relationship with neighbours and even your own wellbeing and happiness.

After a long day, coming home should provide a sense of calm and comfort. But if you come home to flaking paint, hanging gutters, weed-smothered gardens or a smog-stained house façade, it can negatively impact your expectation of ‘home time’ before you even enter the house.

Here are some simple tricks to boost kerb appeal and reignite your house pride!

Add updating your entry to your backyard to-do list. Three Birds Renovations House 13 - Grand Entrance

Front door

Just a door? Think again. Your front door is a symbol of welcoming, transporting you from the outside world into a personal space. Your front door should be a reflection of the home you love; each small choice can define your personal style.


Nothings adds warmth quite like great lighting; a space is instantly transformed with the help of a soft glow. Look into different lighting options and decide what’s best for your home and your budget. Lamps, downlights and spotlights offer permanent lighting that can be wired to your home. For temporary or lower budget options, consider fairy lights, festoon lights or solar garden lights.


When giving your front yard or entrance a makeover, consider the shape of your house. Would your front yard benefit from a symmetrical design? Or would it look better with a more casual, unbalanced layout? Matching your design to the structural layout of your home, before commencing any work, will ensure a stronger effect on the final outcome.


Front yards can be easily overlooked, yet it holds so much potential.  At the very least, it can soften the aesthetic of a home and provide a breath of life into an otherwise static environment. Choose what kind of garden would best suit your property and lifestyle. For instance, a manicured design will require more maintenance than a bedhead garden that you can let grow wild.


Your front patio should not be dead space; treat it as another living space. Take a close look and you may notice things that are overdue for a spruce up. Ageing tile, outdated décor, uncomfortable seating and rusting railings can all drag down street appeal and age your home instantly.

Make your patio an inviting, homely space with some lighting, plants and plush outdoor seating; a porch swing or even a hammock may entice you to sit there more!

Windows and balconies

Your windows are like the ‘eyes’ of your home; add some style and flair to those peepers! Window sill gardens, new curtains and freshly painted or replaced shutters and frames can instantly lift the appearance of the house.

Balconies are also an intimate peek into how you live. If your balcony is full of clutter, ad hoc seating, clothes lines or HVAC units, it’s hardly a flattering look. Move these items to an unseen part of the home, or create a visual barrier so that it is invisible from the street. Outdoor seating, fairy lights and plants are all wonderful ways to dress up your front-facing balconies and add to your overall kerb appeal.


A fresh lick of paint can do wonders. Just like turning up the brightness on your phone, a fresh paint job can give a healthy glow back to your house. Try to avoid colours that will age quickly or may be a passing trend; whilst you may love it now, a more timeless shade will future proof your project.


Don’t forget that driveway; cracked cement, crumbling bricks or dirt stains can damage all that hard work that’s been put into everything else. For grubby paths and driveways, a simple pressure cleaning will help freshen it up. For actual damage or material deterioration, it might be time for repairs or a complete re-do.

Front walls and gates

A front wall offers security, privacy and boosts the functionality of your front yard space. A stylish front wall offers higher property value, connected architectural aesthetics and boosts your street appeal immensely.

Your front wall or fence should be an extension of your home; ensure there is an aesthetic harmony between the two. For a statement, customise your wall to reflect your unique design style! Gates, for instance, are an easy way to add a personal touch to your wall or fence.

Stone Cladding Feature on our EstateWall for Three Birds Renovations House 14 boost street appeal.

House façade

Big effort; big reward. This project is not one to undertake lightly, but boy does it boost street appeal! Raw materials such as concrete, stone and wood are all trending house façade options, and offer a timeless aesthetic.

Whilst surveying your house façade, take special note of the condition of gutters, eaves and down pipes. If they’re dirty, stained, broken or weathered, consider pressure cleaning or replacing them for a fresh look.

Turn heads and effortlessly boost street appeal with a stunning front wall or designer front fence.