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Noise barrier KFC drive-through that shines

29 April 2016

2 Mins


A new KFC store in Sydney’s West with operating hours extending from 10am through to 11pm during the week required a perimeter noise barrier wall shielding the neighbouring residents from its carpark and drive-through activity. Not only did the solution need to meet acoustic requirements but also to ensure minimal sun loss for one particular residential neighbour whose property immediately adjoined the drive-through. Due to the site conditions, there were varying heights and customised engineering elements that had to be integrated into the final solution.

The solution offered by ModularWalls was a combination of our VogueWall and GuardianWall, with our AcoustiMax75 panel topped with an acrylic screen to prevent excessive shading to the rear neighbours backyard. By utilising the sound reflecting AcoustiMax75 panels, a noise reduction of almost 30dB was achieved.

The finished wall presented like an inherent extension of the KFC drive-through helped by the fact that it was able to be painted in the same colour as the origianl barrier itself. ModularWalls provided a turnkey solution from concept drawings, detailed design and engineering through to installation. Where commercial development collides with residential dwellings, noise is fast becoming one of the most contentious environmental issues. ModularWalls are the leaders in assisting businesses with their noise abatement treatments.

The proprietary AcoustiMax panel is ModularWalls’ core wall panel solution, and the ideal choice for architects and developers seeking an effective noise barrier that’s aesthetically versatile as well as economical.

Composed of an EPS core with an external layer of fibre-reinforced cementitious sheets, the AcoustiMax panel is a lightweight, impact resistant modular wall panel that possesses outstanding acoustic properties and a smooth designer finish.