Kids Club Childcare Centre Safe and Sound with SlimWall®

  • 3 minutes
  • 28 April 2021

The children attending Kids Club childcare centre, Killara, are enjoying their new centre full of stimulating outdoor play areas. In addition, surrounding residents benefit from reduced noise thanks to a SlimWall boundary fence.

Childcare Centres - Killara ChildCare SlimWall -AcoustiMax

The new star in Kids Club Childcare Centres

Part of a chain of long day care centres, Kids Club Killara is the newest of 33 centres located across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Kids Club offers children exceptionally creative and thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces. Therefore, the boundary fence needed to meet council requirements and match the childcare centre’s modern design. As mentioned, council requirements stipulate that childcare boundary fences must be at least 1.8m high and include acoustic qualities to reduce noise reaching surrounding residents.

Overall, the Killara childcare centre brief was to install a boundary fence to meet requirements such as:

  • Reduce noise
  • Child safety
  • Privacy
  • Longevity
  • Visually appealing

SlimWall – the preferred choice for childcare acoustic boundary fences

For these reasons, SlimWall was a perfect solution as it easily exceeds 1.8m high council requirements. (SlimWall has the capability to reach 2.4 metres high.) Plus, its lightweight design contributes to fast installation, making it a cost-effective and versatile system. Importantly for childcare centres, SlimWall’s design provides privacy and ensures the children are secure within the centre while offering a modern aesthetic.  

The developer and builder, Gradicon Building, chose SlimWall for its,

  • Acoustic performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fast installation
  • Quick setup

In this situation, SlimWall was the preference over other products such as lapped and capped fencing. As the developer states, ‘SlimWall will last longer and won’t rot.’ Coupled with these factors, SlimWall’s ability to integrate with slats was another winning factor. Therefore, making it the perfect choice for Kids Club Childcare.

Killara ChildCare SlimWall -AcoustiMax

The time-saving and cost-effective solution

The result saw Master Groups install 80 metres of SlimWall with aluminium posts in three days. A fast installation such as this is a definite competitive advantage, especially when working with tight timelines and budget constraints. As Master Groups confirms, ‘SlimWall changes the look of the backyard and boundary line from either side. Plus, it’s easy to install. I can say it’s easier than a timber paling fence.

The SlimWall was also integrated with timber slats for visual interest while simultaneously ensuring play areas connect to the natural environment. SlimWall also provides noise-reducing capabilities up to 20+dB. Therefore, children will enjoy nap time free from passing traffic noise. While residents won’t be disturbed when the kids go exploring outside. 

Childcare Centres - Killara ChildCare SlimWall -AcoustiMax

Overall, SlimWall is a versatile solution for commercial and residential boundary walls and fence projects such as childcare centres.

Project: Kids Club Childcare
ModularWalls Products: SlimWall®
Location: Killara, NSW
Developer/Builder: Gradicon Building Services
Contractor: Master Groups

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