Becon Constructions chooses AcoustiMax® for BP Willoughby

  • 2 minutes
  • 24 June 2021

When the BP petrol station at North Willoughby required a site upgrade, Becon Constructions once again chose AcoustiMax for its superior performance as a noise barrier wall.

AcoustiMax noise attenuation wall for BP Willoughby

Becon Constructions dramatically transforms BP Willoughby with AcoustiMax®

The outdated BP petrol station at Penshurst Street, Willoughby, NSW required a site upgrade including a noise attenuation wall. Open 24 hours and located on a corner block with two entrances, the site required a noise attenuation wall for surrounding residents. At the same time, the noise wall also needed a modern design to fit BP’s branding and corporate colours. Having worked with BP and ModularWalls previously, Becon Constructions knew AcoustiMax would deliver a barrier wall and provide modern aesthetics.

BP Willoughby before and after the site upgrade.

Design meets function with AcoustiMax®

As with any upgrade to an existing business, installation time is of the utmost importance to minimise disruptions to daily operations. Therefore, a lightweight panel such as AcoustiMax, and the commercial-grade strength of the BarrierWall combine perfectly for fast and cost-effective installation. AcoustiMax is a composite panel combining external cementitious sheets with a lightweight EPS core. The cementitious finish provides a modern aesthetic that perfectly suites the architectural design envisaged by MCHP Architects for the BP Willoughby upgrade. Plus, this wall style allowed BP’s corporate colours to be easily incorporated.

The versatility of the AcoustiMax ensured the thirty-metre noise wall, at 3.6metres high, only took a matter of days to install. Such fast installation meant little disturbance to the construction site allowing Becon Constructions to adhere to tight timeframes.  

AcoustiMax noise attenuation wall for BP Willoughby

Equally important for a busy petrol station, AcoustiMax panels are impact resistant. Plus, when combined with the BarrierWall system, the acoustic wall withstands greater wind loads than a standard residential noise wall.

Overall, Becon Constructions and ModularWalls delivered a noise attenuation wall meeting all project specifications. While at the same time helping the Willoughby site achieve an aesthetic in line with BP’s branding. Lastly, residents are no longer disturbed by the continuous noise of cars and trucks entering such a busy BP.

Project: AcoustiMax® noise attenuation wall for BP
ModularWalls Products: AcoustiMax®
Location: Willoughby, NSW
Developer: BP Australia
Architect: MCHP Architects
Contractor: Becon Constructions

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