AcoustiSorb® Acoustic Panels Ensure a Sound Sleep for Over 55’s Village

  • 3 minutes
  • 27 May 2021

When an over 55’s retirement village in NSW, needed a noise abatement wall, Stockland reached out to ModularWalls to provide high performing acoustic panels to ensure residents could sleep soundly through the night.

AcoustiSorb - 55’s retirement village in Ashfield, NSW

Cardinal Freeman Village residents in need of an acoustic wall

Several aged care facilities surround the Stockland Cardinal Freeman Village. Due to the proximity between buildings, the noise of ambulances and trucks reversing down driveways was an ongoing issue for residents. Therefore, Stockland required an acoustic wall to reduce noise transference and stop noise complaints. While the acoustic wall panels were the priority, the aesthetics of the wall also played a factor in the design. Subsequently, a custom green wall was to fit over the AcoustiSorb sound absorbing wall. 

Collaboration results in a commercial strength acoustic panel solution

Next to a set of stairs, the noise wall needed careful design and construction. Plus, the additional weight of the green wall was another factor requiring careful consideration. Therefore, ModularWalls worked closely with Stockland and builders RockBuild Group for a suitable solution. As a result, a commercial strength wall with custom rails was recommended to secure the green wall system and withstand the increasing weight of growing flora.

AcoustiSorb® sound-absorbing panels

ModularWalls supplied and constructed a noise abatement wall using AcoustiSorb sound-absorbing panels using the GuardianWall system. The commercial-grade strength of the GuardianWall ensured the wall could withstand the additional weight of the vertical garden. The GuardianWall system uses galvanised steel beams, making it more durable for this application. Plus, this system could easily meet the 4.8metre heights required for the wall.

Additionally, AcoustiSorb was recommended for its lightweight design and proven sound-absorbing capabilities. With a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) 0.9 to 1.0, AcoustiSorb offers a typical audible noise reduction of up to 34Rw. The added benefit of AcoustiSorb is a 50+ year design life thanks to the perforated aluminium outer skin and PET sound-absorbing core. Therefore, this no-maintenance Australian made product was the perfect accompaniment with the green wall by The Green Wall Company

The growing green wall with AcoustiSorb sound absorbing acoustic panels.

Innovative acoustic panels

ModularWalls has a history of custom and bespoke solutions, as was the case with this acoustic barrier wall. Working with The Green Wall Company and RockBuild Group, a rail system was attached to the GuardianWall posts. The rail system ensures the Guardian wall can withstand the weight of the vertical garden. Following this, the builders secured the garden wall panels over the AcoustiSorb. The result was a high performing acoustic panel green wall soon to be overflowing with flora.

Overall, the Stockland Cardinal Freeman Village residents now enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to the outstanding sound reducing capabilities of AcoustiSorb. Lastly, residents have the added pleasure of watching the young plants grown into a thriving green wall. 


Project: AcoustiSorb® acoustic wall with vertical garden 
ModularWalls Products: AcoustiSorb®
Location: Ashfield, NSW
Developer: Stockland
Contractor: RockBuild Group

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