The Block contestants #makeitmodular in back yard reveals!

  • 4 minutes
  • 19 November 2020

It’s finally here; saving the best until very last, we finally get to see the stunning back yard reveals on The Block! From pizza party pits, to feature tiled modular fencing murals…let’s check out what these Blockheads have created!

House 1: Harry & Tash

Sleek and understated, House 1 has effectively created a beautifully zoned back yard out of a fairly narrow outdoor space.

Boasting a lap pool, fire pit area, outdoor lounge and outdoor dining area, Harry & Tash have used every square metre of their slightly larger  yard size.


House 2: Sarah & George


Opting for a moodier palette, House 2 has created a sophisticated outdoor space that harnesses the power of texture to bring their design to life. Sarah & George’s outdoor cooking station with BBQ and pizza oven is a stand-out feature, continuing the recycled brick used in their front yard design.

The rest of the space offers a subtle contemporary surrounding that allows the BBQ station to pop. However, the small details in the craftsmanship offers a clever way to boost visual interest.

Tying it all together with a dark backdrop, the SlimWall offers a solid boundary, without eating up any valuable land size; a perfect dividing fence for properties on The Block. With a clever post-and-rail system, this fence measures only 50mm thick, whilst delivering the premium aesthetic of rendered masonry.


House 3: Daniel & Jade


Daniel & Jade’s back yard is filled with artful details. Outdoor sculptures, wall art and trellis-trained climbers against the modular fencing create an outdoor space with plenty of character.

Meanwhile in the pool area, the built-in bench seating and an outdoor shower create a luxurious outdoor oasis, using small comforts to enhance the swimming and lounging experience.


House 4: Luke & Jasmin


For a team that struggled with budget restraints, you’d never know it, looking at this magnificent back yard. The level of creativity and craftsmanship in this outdoor space is truly impressive!

Luke & Jasmin have really embraced rounded lines in their hardscaping. Curved bench seating and garden beds create a gorgeous, organic flow through the space, accentuating the fullness of the pizza oven. A custom day bed creates the perfect lounging space, whilst doubling as a piece of outdoor art.

The absolute showstopper, though, was the feature pool wall, complete with a number of rounded arches of feature tiling. By opting for a lighter boundary fence like House 1, the space is pulled together with an airy atmosphere, harmonising with the rounded details to embody the slightest touch of Mediterranean flair.


House 5: Jimmy & Tam


Finally, we get to see what has been created with the Palm Springs team! Using breeze blocks, crushed rock and succulent gardens, you could easily feel transported to a desert oasis. Our favourite element, though, was the stunning mural against the pool feature wall!

Jimmy & Tam have had their landscaping planned since Week 2, which really helped them achieve a cohesive design once they got to the final week. This is a great tip for anyone planning a renovation or new build. If you allocate solid budget for your landscaping and outdoor areas and strictly reserve those funds, you can avoid making the common mistake of under-budgeting for your back yard!

SlimWall dividing fences; the perfect solution to noisy neighbours


Tested by the National Acoustic Laboratory of Australia, ModularWalls’ fences have been specifically engineered to provide superior noise reduction. As demonstrated in The Block back yard reveals, SlimWall was the perfect solution.

With SlimWall’s robust appearance, yet lightweight materials and 50mm thickness, it provides the perfect dividing fence for townhouses, villas and smaller lots. It’s time to turn down the volume on traffic noise and whinging neighbours; invest in your peace and quiet today!