The Block 2020 front yard reveals with SlimWall fencing

  • 4 minutes
  • 5 November 2020

The Block 2020 contestants reveal their front yards, including some knock-out SlimWall modular fencing!

So, let’s dive in!

The Block | Harry & Tash

House 1: Harry & Tash

In keeping with the over-arching periodic theme of The Block 2020, Harry & Tash embraced the 1920s façade. However, they successfully elevated the aesthetic to bring a clean, modern atmosphere to the space. By combining delicate detailing with a fresh white palette, they perfectly executed the balance of old meets new.

With 114 square metres to landscape, their front yard was the biggest of all 5. In spite of this, there was no landscaper on site, which definitely created a few hiccups.

However, the garden design came together wonderfully! Borrowing classical elements like water features and trellis-trained climbers, the landscaping felt balanced, inspired and harmonised with their façade.

This fence stands as testament to the power of simplicity. Painted to match the exterior of the home, the SlimWall created a sleek canvas to accentuate the stylised potted plants and artful details of their landscaping.

SlimWall - Sarah & George

House 2: Sarah & George

This lucky team had two superstars on their crew for this week. The first was the Dave Franklin landscaping team, The Block’s celebrated landscaping expert.

The second was Lola; 200 year old grass tree…that weighed a whopping 400kg! Luckily, the team was able to borrow House 5’s crane (with the help of a case of beer as thanks) to put this stunner in place.

To keep in line with their 1940s home, House 2 stuck to a fairly traditional design, with recycled brickwork adding an interesting element to the façade.

With a darker finish to match the front door, this SlimWall design created a sophisticated border for their front yard.

Daniel & Jade - Reviewing The Block 2020 Front Yard Reveals! | ModularWalls

House 3: Daniel & Jade

Accentuating the home’s 1930s style, this façade successfully combined modern touches with periodic architectural values. The clever use of contrasting colours provides just enough contemporary structure and visual interest, whilst creating a palette that connects the entire front yard.

Pathways softened by shrubbery and pockets of feature plantings, this is a well executed adaptation of 1930s style landscaping. Whilst many of the plants are still young, these plant choices will grow to create a lush urban oasis, championing the ‘garden rooms’ of this era.

By using dark colours for the front door, garden beds, windows and trims on the façade, the SlimWall fence was truly an extension of the home’s overall design.

2560x1920 - Reviewing The Block 2020 front yard reveals...including SlimWall fencing - Daneil & Jade - SlimWall

House 4: Luke & Jasmin

Considering their budget was limited, the finished look is quite put together. Subtle textural contrasts provide just enough character to avoid being boring, with the palette kept clean and inviting.

For their 1910s house, Luke and Jasmin dreamed of a traditional garden oasis with lots of plants. With a clever rain garden and interesting laying of pavers, this landscaping will grow into quite a lovely little front garden.

Their SlimWall organically extended the facade’s design into the front yard, creating a seamless entrance from garden to home. This design just proves that with sleek, high quality products like SlimWall, even the most basic design is a good design!

House 5: Jimmy & Tam

The earlier you consider your landscape design, the better thought out the theme will be; as can be seen with this front yard. House 5 has been planning their landscaping since Week 2…and you can tell!

This design has character; each detail has been considered in reference to the whole. We are loving the use of breeze blocks, sand and rockeries, in particular. Finished in the same shade as the home’s cladding, their SlimWall fence simply looked like part of the home, offering a perfectly blended boundary.

And there you have it; our rundown of all the front yard reveals. We’re so very excited to see what’s been brewing out in the backyards; we’ll see you for Round 2 of the yard reveals for The Block 2020!

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