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Futureflip chooses ModularWalls’ premium fencing for duplex developments

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Having built a reputation on cutting-edge design and unbelievably rapid build schedules, Futureflip’s enviable duplex developments are setting new standards within the construction industry. Their most recent, best-kept secret? ModularWalls’ premium fencing.


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The competitive edge that modular fencing gives Futureflip can be broken down into 5 main advantages:

  1. Rapid, easy install
  2. Extra tall dividing fences
  3. Acoustically rated privacy fencing
  4. Premium aesthetics for half the cost of brick
  5. Seamlessly integrated retaining capabilities


1. Rapid, easy install

There’s no disputing the iconic aesthetic value of their work. But what sets Futureflip apart from the competition is their unique value proposition; they can build a duplex in 12-16 weeks – 3 times faster than the standard!

ModularWalls’ fencing systems knock together in a mere quarter of the time of rendered brick, whilst delivering a similar robust, render-look appearance. They actually follow a straightforward post-and-rail system, negating the need for wide strip footings or council approvals for masonry structures.

In fact, installation is incredibly easy – simply dig post holes, concrete the posts in, slide in the panels and paint as desired. No machinery, specialist trades or cumbersome construction needed; which makes it perfect for the tight build schedules and restricted site access that is common with duplex developments.


“A lot of people are talking about taps and tiles and door handles, but how you feel in your backyard and if you feel private is something that people pay a huge amount of money more for the property.”

– Neil Hipwell, Founder & Director of Futureflip


2. Extra tall dividing fences

Neil Hipwell, the Founder & Director of Futureflip, believes that one thing they do exceptionally well is their party wall; but why stop with the internal dividing wall? Creating private backyards within a duplex is paramount to the lifestyle of the future homeowners.

ModularWalls’ premium fencing systems reach up to 3m high, offering a robust, yet visually appealing, privacy screen; perfect for creating two private outdoor oases on a single block of land.

Premium Fencing Solution For Privacy Fence Within Duplex Development | ModularWalls
Watch case study video here

3. Acoustically rated privacy fencing

Just like an apartment block with thin walls, a flimsy privacy screen lets all the noises of life through, leaving you feeling weirdly exposed; this is why true privacy includes acoustic privacy.

“We’re splitting a block in two, so privacy and sound proofing is a major box we need to tick…for us, ModularWalls is awesome, because we can get it up nice and high, get great privacy, and it’s way better sound-proofing than a standard Colorbond fence would offer.”

– Neil Hipwell

Tested by the National Laboratory of Australia, ModularWalls’ fencing delivers an average sound reduction of 20-25 decibels; that’s around a whopping fourfold reduction in audible noise. In fact, the acoustic properties of these systems have been used time and again by the like of McDonald’s, Coles, ALDI and Dan Murphy’s; which means you’re getting commercial-grade noise reduction within a cost-effective residential fencing solution.


4. Premium aesthetics for half the cost of brick

With a fresh and progressive approach to design, Futureflip deliver innovative new homes and duplexes, built to the highest level of quality and individuality. With this reputation comes a big responsibility to deliver high-end aesthetics, whilst keeping within budget limitations.

A modular wall or fence comes in at up to 50% less costs than traditional rendered masonry, whilst delivering the same premium aesthetics; ultimately driving project costs down and property value up. They can be customised with infills, slats and finished in any shade of paint, textured finishes, tiles or cladding, allowing you to completely tailor the final product to harmonise with the development’s unique architectural values.


5. Seamlessly integrated retaining capabilities

Last, but certainly not least, the hidden bonus of modular fencing; seamless, integrated retaining.

When dealing with new builds of any kind, levelling land can be a costly addition to the boundary solution. However, our wall systems can effortlessly integrate specialised retaining panels to seamlessly retain up to 750mm. This integrated retaining solution allows you to save time through installing a single product, boost the functionality of the land  and deliver a completely seamless wall finish on the low side!

Written by Evelyn Kandris


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