Aldi secures smart noise barrier surrounding store car park

  • 2 minutes
  • 2 May 2016

When the discount supermarket that offers smarter shopping were looking for a solution to shield the neighbouring residents from unwanted car park and loading dock noise, they enlisted the noise abatement leaders, ModularWalls. In addition, there was a requirement for a custom designed acoustic solution to shield the noise from an ALDI loading dock that operates during extended hours. Due to the site typography, a retaining solution was equally critical as noise abatement. With mandatory requirements set by an acoustic engineer, good design, engineering, wind loading, and fixing method were paramount.

It was a combination of several ModularWalls products that provided the perfect solution, including GuardianWall and BarrierWall. When incorporated with AcoustiMax75 panels a noise reduction of 28Rw was comfortably achieved and ensured sufficient noise attenuation for neighbouring residents. A portion of the noise barrier had to be affixed along the ridge of the grey concrete block wall whilst a percentage of panels installed conveniently and cost-effectively provided integrated retaining. This was achieved using the TerraFirm75 retaining panels, saving the clients thousands and aesthetically was superior, achieving the same continuous look on the low side of the wall as opposed to building a block retaining. A superior noise absorption solution was required for the ALDI Loading Dock and AcoustiSorb provided the perfect antidote given it absorbs noise from its source.

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