Integrate Retaining Walls and Fencing with One Seamless Solution

  • 2 minutes
  • 2 December 2015

ModularWalls has once again invented a revolutionary retaining solution that stylishly integrate retaining walls and boundary fencing in one seamless design!

Integrated retaining wall - TrendWall

Retaining walls can chew into the most respectable landscaping budget; this can leave little money for finishing touches, such as planting, furniture and outdoor decor. Slopes create many challenges when designing functional gardens and usable spaces. However, with many Australian backyards on tricky stepped or sloping sites, retaining walls and effective terracing is essential.

Integrate retaining walls: TerraFirm retaining panels

TerraFirm composite fibre cement retaining panels can be built into any Modular Wall to accommodate your specific retaining requirements. This integrated solution offers a consistent and visually appealing wall or fence in one, without the hassle (and cost) of building a separate masonry retaining wall. The TerraFirm modular retaining panel is ideally suited for situations where there is a difference of ground height between one side of the wall and the other, or to build a garden bed/planter box against the wall.

  • The SlimWalls’ lighter TerraFirm50 panel can retain up to 500mm of soil.
  • The slightly thicker TerraFirm75 panel is engineered to hold back up to 750mm of soil, and has been designed for use with VogueWall, EstateWall, BarrierWall and GuardianWall.
It's easy to integrate retaining walls with ModularWalls

Superior aesthetics

Featuring a high density core and internal reinforcing ribs, TerraFirm retaining panels have zero absorption, and a high load retaining capacity. Furthermore, the panels accommodate a vast variety of finishes to complement the garden and home’s architecture. Any homeowner putting off that all-important, but rather intimidating retaining wall project, will find TerraFirm a fast, hassle-free solution.

Australian Made & manufactured

ModularWalls offers a new generation solution for walls and fences. Additionally, the products are 100% Australian Made from locally sourced materials and manufactured to strict ISO9001 quality standards. With a reputation for quality and innovation, ModularWalls has changed the way residential walls are built.