EnduroMax® chosen by Roads & Maritime Services for Alfords Point Road noise barrier

10 July 2018

ModularWalls was engaged by The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to remove and replace a 30m section of collapsed concrete road barrier along Alfords Point Rd, constructed 20 years ago.

RMS Chooses EnduroMax for Alfords Point Road Noise Wall | ModularWalls

The section had fallen inwards, toward bushland, requiring a specific plan to cut up and remove the existing concrete panels. Additionally, the replacement was required to structurally support the existing wall.

An EnduroMax noise barrier, reaching 3.6m high, provided the perfect solution. Following specifications from the urban designers, a customised face-fix application with applied external detailing to panels offered an aesthetic blend with the existing concrete barrier.

Installation proved very challenging due to restricted site access. Works during the day were restrained behind the Armco barrier, requiring the arrangement of lane closures for night works. However, ModularWalls’ solution successfully delivered a cost-effective alternative to the reinstating of a concrete wall.

RMS Chooses EnduroMax for Alfords Point Road Noise Wall | ModularWalls

The Roads and Maritime Services are responsible for providing improved transport outcomes for NSW; therefore, protecting residential areas from the noise pollution of infrastructure projects are a high priority for this agency.  ModularWalls have now been approached by the RMS for two separate road noise barrier solutions, with the second project currently underway.