Visuals meet acoustics to protect McDonald’s restaurant from railway

  • 2 minutes
  • 28 April 2017

McDonald’s at Sandgate borders a train line at the rear. The wall was to serve a dual purpose of sound attenuation from the train line at the rear as well as provide visual security for both boundaries. The visually striking acoustic wall needed to be 3m tall and mounted onto of a block wall; this meant an engineering assessment needed to be undertaken to design a suitable and invisible receptor to attach the posts to, as well as considering the imposed loads that the wall and wind actions will apply to the block wall.

Visually striking acoustic wall to protect McDonald's restaurant from railway

A VogueWall utilising our AcoustiMax 75mm panel was selected, as it could exceed the acoustic attenuation as well as achieving the 3m height requirement. The final wall configuration took many twists and turns around the complex boundary lines and once painted looked amazing, tying the boundary wall into the colour scheme of the store.

The proprietary AcoustiMax panel is our core modular wall solution, and the ideal choice for architects and developers seeking an effective noise barrier that’s aesthetically versatile as well as economical.

Composed of an EPS core with an external layer of fibre-reinforced cementitious sheets, the AcoustiMax panel is a lightweight, impact resistant modular wall panel that possesses outstanding acoustic properties and a smooth designer finish, creating the perfect, visually striking acoustic wall.

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